Thursday, September 10, 2009

sept. 10, 2009 or another wednesday at the beach and back to georgies' for keroeky

although today was overcast and somewhat cooler and breezy i had decided i would continue with my plans of wed. at the beach. so off i went to my favorite beach of ocean grove nj.

on the way i changed to diana for the one hour drive. i chose my yellow cami and white jeans skirt with white sandals and white purse. i know it is after labor day but i don't want to hear anything about the wearing of white after labor day! LOL

before i arrived just to save some time since it was allready afternoon i stopped at a gas station to use the rest room and change into my black maillot bathing suit.

although when i got to the beach it was breezy i was prepared though with my wind barrier .

this is basically 4 broom handles with points ground on one end with canvas drill attached with the posts at about a 3 foot spacing to block the sept winds on the beach.
i poked my feet in the water but the ocean was very rough out of the north east hence giving a southerly pull to the water. usually one notes a northerly pull so this was a bit less common. either direction is cause for caution.

so i went back to my beach chair and broken open my lunch and shortly after decided
to erect the wind barrier. during this time a few other hearty soles arrived and several actually went into the water.
i had decided that with the cool breeze and the overcast i didn't want to end up in a wet bathing suit.
to further compound the situation the beach crew had locked the rest rooms at the beach already since it is now out of season.

so when nature called i pulled up stakes and got in the car and drove the 3 blocks to the much larger rest rooms next to the 7000 seat auditorium which thankfully were open. here i could also change out of the bathing suit back into the cami and skirt.
by now it was about 730 pm and time for dinner. with the cool air i decided some soup would be nice so off i went to clancy's bar restaurant.
at the nj shore many of the best restaurants started as bars many years before but have excelent food. no touristy bistros for this girl just good solid food! and since i don't like the taste of alcohol the value was excellent! i asked for a table in mary's section as she is the best waitress in the place. for about 10.00 i had soup, a large hamburger, fries and a beverage. as good a price as fast food and i had great service with a better meal!

inspite of the chill in the air i had a craving for some ice cream. so i drove one town south to bradly beach to the beach plumb ice cream shop. lucky they hadn't closed yet for the season. they make their own .i had the coconut and it was wonderfull. ummm ummmm good!

before i could move on to the next stop i had to change from the skirt to capri's since there was such a chill in the air. along with a hoody over my cami.

next i drove 2 towns back north to asbury to Georgies glbt cheers type bar .

although it was wed it was before 9pm so the kereoky hadn't started yet. shortly though jill who runs the kereoky arrived. since it was slow she started preforming herself singing her heart out. she was the cutest thing since she had dressed in a back to school/fall/halloween theme. her hair was up in 2 pony tails with a short plaid skirt tall heels and a shirt with a ghoulish cartoon that said "what type (blood) are you?" as she sang she'd flip those pony tails back and forth for the sheer fun of it just like a kid!
with an hours drive home again by 11pm it was time to drive home (remember i only had soda).

half way back i was getting tired so i stopped at the parkway rest area to stretch, use the restroom and get some coffee.

in spite of the overcast it was still a very nice day as the beach can be very picturesque on a Grey very late summers day.


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