Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009 - Friday a day of reflection and remberance!

a day of reflection and remberance! let us never forget that very sad day a few years ago when the unthinkable happened.

i plan to spend a few moments in prayer and inner reflection about the memories of that eventful day.

i am still in shock years later that on a day that had been weather wise one of the most gorgeous fall days turned into one of the darkest in history!

spend a few moments today in inner reflection so that we may never forget those who died on that sept morning at the hands of a coward and his pirates. like all cowards he wasn't brave enough to do the deed himself he sent others to do his bidding. and like all  cowards he hid after he sent others to their death. in fact he hid below ground like a lowly worm. which is an insult to compare him with a worm because at least genetic worms  serve a purpose in life while pirate cowards don't . a coward in the true sence!

again may we never forget that day!


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