Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009 - Saturday my new hairdo and shopping with a gg friend

today i want to show off my new hairdo. sadly the beauty supply has told me that the old one is no longer available  so please tell me what you think.

me diana in unique thrift 91109

also here is a photo of a new gg shopping friend i met last week when in male mode and today i had the good fortune to bump into her again when in diana mode with my new "do"

me and shopping friend laura in uniuqe thrift 91109

isn't she and her hairdo the cutest? anyway she asked to get a photo of me and my new "do" so i am able to share this with you.
the shopping trip was a short one since i was actually headed still as diana to pick up salmon at the a & P food store 2 towns away.
there i narrowly missed bumping into a colleague who doesn't know of diana.
so it sort of took the fun out of food shopping as diana when i had to constantly had to be on the look out for him and his family.

all in all it was a nice afternoon though.

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