Saturday, July 14, 2012

diana at the hardware store july 13 2012

in the last couple of days, since i am self employed i have managed to get up , eat breakfast in my night gown (actually due to the heat wave it has been in my teddy  and satin robe) and get dressed as diana.
today:  in a pink cami along with a white jeans skirt and brown strappy sandals (after mid june i dispense with the panty hose). i chose the pink cami for 2 reasons one because it is still to hot in the mid 90's here in nj to wear a T or tank top. and also i had just bought a multi set of  fish hook earings and needed something that would go with the lavender set i wanted to wear.
anyway as i stopped on my errends a tthe local lowes store i was once again amused to note that upon asking 2 guys where an item was that both of them escorted me to the item on the shelf.
and valently looked for the item that they aperently didn't stock.
i couldn't help think and wonder ... if i was in the store as my male self ... would they give me the same individual attention...LOL
ether way it's certainly fun to be the recipient of such attention!

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