Tuesday, July 10, 2012

shoe shopping and explaining about being transgendered july 9th 2012

i have got to share someting that happened yesterday as i was shopping for new sneakers in DSW.
it was near closing as i went to pay for a pair of mens slip-on sneakers.
now remember i was dressed in fem. wearing a summery blue and white stripe tank top, a white  above the knee jeans skirt and bass sandels with a heal strap.
i had brought white socks to try on sneakers which didn't seem to phase any one. in fact a  lady  was trying to convince her teen daughter to do likewise.
at any rate when i went to pay with my credit card (  shocked that i was actually paying more than my ol' kmart price of $10.00 LOL) which has my male name on it the cashier to her credit actually asked for some ID! at which point i said in a softer voice "that actually is me as i am transgendered but not transitioning" the lady with out batting an eye said " oh ok" and almost looked a bit embarrassed!
i did show her my photo id drivers license and after i paid i noticed out of the corner i my eye as i left that she was commenting something to her fellow woman cashier.

all i can say is wow i must be more passable than i thought!

the intersting thing is that 2 times in the last month the credit card co. actually blocked  my purchases not because of lack of payment but ,again to their credit, to be sure it was me doing the purchase. in both cases it was as my male self. but while i had the special customer service person on the phone i did mention that i use the card as diana. even that rep did not "bat an eye" about my fem name.
unfortunately these days in nj one can not get a card with out a social security number like in the old days when one could get the card issued using just ones' first initial. and remember the stories in the old days of people getting offers for credit cards in their pets' name.
these days even over the phone they have asked if " my husband " could please come on the phone to ok the use of "his" card.
i guess since 9/11 we who are transgendered but not transitioning are lucky to be as accepted as we are ( at least living in this part of the world) and in many cases due to the work of the GLBT Gay lobby efforts .
hopefully we will continue to be accepted in the years to come. but it worries me since 9/11 that to "protect" the many, that our rights of being "who we are", especially if one is not transitioning, could become eroded.

awhile ago a asked at the motor vehicle agency about an additional non drivers license photo id for my fem self as some other states have  and was told " the only way i could get a fem id photo was to change the photo on the existing drivers license but  i would not be able to get 2 photo id's in nj and that if a person has a non driver photo id that means they don't have a drivers license" she also said " basicly if i were to get a non driver photo id i could only do it by surrendering a drivers license"
this kind of places those of us that are cd's in a further kind of "purgatory" in this world in that those who are transitioning have only their new name and image to need a photo proof of who they are but... as a non transitioning cd we only have our male id photo.
at any rate it does open up some new challenges for the law makers within the photo id of the cd...
aggghhh this just creates way to much thinking for this blonds' brain.
i think i'll stick with thinking about that next outfit i want to look for....
thank goodness there was a GLBT to work on the laws of anti discrimination as some of us would have only met with law makers if they came to the thrift stores and malls. LOL  

when i look at how far i have come sometimes i can't believe it. 10 years ago it took everything i had to share being transgendered with my girlfriend at the time. now i openly discuss it with almost anyone i come in contact with.

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