Tuesday, July 17, 2012

if it's july it's back to the pool! july 17, 2012

Diana at the pool
with the scorching heat wave we are still having in nj. i decided it's time to go back to the neighboring towns' public swimming pool.
i know these photos are from the past yet since most times i am by my self i don't always have someone  to take photos of me. and setting the timer sometimes brings on unwanted attention. but at least everyone gets to see some of the suits i am describing.
this year we had about 4-5 weeks of drizzle in june and now we have had about 2-3 weeks of 95  degrees with very high humidity. in fact the one day the air was so moist it felt like very fine mist in the steamy heat. but other days it feelt as if one needed to sort of cut their way through the air just to get from the house to the car..
now in nj we are used to hot humid days in july and aug. every so often for a day or so. but this year it has been about 10 degrees above normal for a longer period of time! also in the last 2 years we have had at least one or 2 days above 100 degrees which is verrrry strange for nj.
even though i am only about 10 miles from the bay over in linden and elizabeth and we see sea gulls from time to time. yet i am not close enough to get any of the cooling advantage from it. although i do believe in that in the winter it has helped us avoid some of the winter storms that have affected other places.

i remember from the past that as a young adult when my family stayed in ocean grove nj (which is about 50 miles from me) for long weekends that since the house we stayed at was in the first block near the ocean we would get the wind shift in the afternoon and  that would made it feel like air conditioned air. in fact it would get soooo cool at night in july that i would need to wear pants and a jacket if i walked out on the board walk. yet if i walked in land 1-1/2 blocks i felt as if i had walked into a oven and if i took just one step back i was back in the cooling breeze. in fact one day i stopped so that i could have one foot in the warm and one in the cool!

but i have digressed.
after i came out of the pool i decided to run some errends like the food store for an item or 2 , a shoe store to return the sneakers that were a bit to tight and  a local Italian restaurant to get take out.
after my one piece bathing suit dried a bit i switched suit cover ups to my new shirt-dress cover up. in gray and white stripe and recieved several complements.

then i headed home with dinner with my dad. which although i removed the wig i stayed dressed as diana in the one piece swim wuit and shirt dress cover up.

after dinner i commented to my dad about some of my other bathing suits for diana and offered to model for  him some of them. they included my gold lamy .bikini that i have only worn once to a daisy dukes party at a
locale transgendered group. a 2 piece black suit, a 2 piece floral suitDiana in the 2 piece bathing suit,

me diana on the ocean grove beach
a black one piece suit with a fine mesh at the neck line and
another black one piece with a gold stripe at the neck line. as well as the black one piece with rainbow stripes on the top i had just worn to the pool.
so tonight over dinner (dressed as my male self dave) my dad says sow who is our tenant doing?
i said huh? who are you talking about? and he says you know the gal who showed me her bathing suit collection last night. then i realized what he was joking about . LOL

my dad has been verrrry good about my being transgendered!
i have been verrrry lucky to have a loving dad as i don't know of to many dads who would put up with their only child , a son appearing at the dinner table crossed dressed. or even cross dressed with a wig and full makeup and play along as if my dave self were out for the evening!
i told him he deserved to have dinner with someone prettier than dave once in a while. LOL
he tells me what a wonderfull son i am and i jokingly comment "even if i do dress like a girl LOL"
i fully understand what my mom saw in my dad when they married!


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