Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008

yea! i got to be Diana for most of the Day!
changed at my deceased aunts house (hoped no Realtors showed up) 

decided to do another first. yesterday i had talked to the owner of the woman's used clothing store in my town whom i bump into every so often in town. i mentioned to her that although i really do have a gg friend that really is a size "0" that i occasionally look for clothes for i had another reason for shopping for size 16 and showed her my nails and then a photo of Diana. she mentioned she had quite a few size 16's in the storage area of her shop if i came in the next day on sat.
so ... today i dressed in my mauve sweater and green plaid skirt with black pumps and my black leather blazer and walked into her shop. unfortunately it was 15min to closing but i did go in (as it is right on the corner of my town so as self assured as i am it is still a challenge for me to go as Diana downtown in my small town!) also a bit awe inspiring as she is a gorgeous (but married) blond with long hair who dresses immaculately. well she was stunned! so were her helpers. she said i looked fabulous and took a photo to show another cd customer. 

from there i had errands to do so down the highway first a stop at McDonald's for a late lunch, next to Lowe's to get another window latch and some hardware gifts for dad's birthday (drill bits and sawzall blades to replace the ones i wore out giggle giggle). then turn around and back to home depot for a gift certificate for my neighbors birthday form last week.but before i went into home depot i got sidetracked in that mall by you guessed it 3 woman's clothing stores and a larger dollar store giggle giggle  these included ashely stuaret 14-20 sizes but not the right styles or colors. next door was dress barn much nicer stuff with a very nicely dressed gg clerk with get this the same name as me giggle giggle she was mature but very cute and nice. i found a beautiful pink Swed jacket but not a suit and 1 size to big. oh well... onto Catherine's plus sizes but here sizes start at 14w meaning fuller cuts in woman's but not in regular. in between i went into the large dollar store and was surprised to see that they carried musical instruments like accordions and wind instruments. unfortunately low quality, of which destroys the market for good used musical instruments.
by this time it was time to pick up some dinner for me and dad so off to my local 5 guys franchise where i debated outside to go in as Diana or change . well Diana won out. giggle giggle
the interesting thing is not only has it become normal to me to go in everywhere as Diana no one even bated an eye. if they look at me i smile and nod my head.

to all the girls who have never gone out i recommend starting out slow. shop as i did in a neighborhood news paper store in the next town for a newspaper. then build to the malls and build your confidence. confidence in a few store owners helps too. but remember to keep it in your comfort zone only.


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