Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008

Today my male self tried to dispense with the female undergarments but.... after about 1 min without a bra  he felt uncomfortable giggle giggle and hence i have gotten him to progress so that he no longer feels comfortable in male undies giggle giggle yeaaaa! so since he was putting on a bra  and it is still cool out next came the spaghetti strap satin camisole and if he was putting on the top clothing he might as well switch to the satin panties  and pantyhose too! wooo... for a minuet there i thought i was loosing my grip on him and the use of his body giggle giggle!
most days he feels more comfortable and complete in womans undies but it is interesting to note that he finds it easier to button womans reverse button shirts and blouses than mens shirts (and he is not left handed but can write lefty when needed).  it's as though he has have been buttoning that way his whole life giggle giggle. i do like sweater vests so that is my one consession and unfortunately i need more than the 3 shirts that i have, so little by little i will be replacing his shirts with womans shirts he'll never notice besides, now i know for sure, he doesn't have any choice giggle giggle!

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