Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 23, 2008


with st pats day so close i think the leprechauns helped deliver Easter eggs LOL.
my dad and i and his sister went out for Easter to a restaurant called o' conners we had gone there on monday for st pats day . it is an old farm setting in Somerset NJ from the 1700's so it was nice.

the interesting thing is that since i went as my other self i had to stop and think what to wear for underwear. i hated not being able to wear satin panties and panty hose but i really hated not being able to wear my new pink Easter outfit. as i sat at the restaurant i imagined what it would be like to have had that new outfit on. oh well.

as i look back when on family vacations, even though cameras and photography are amongst my hobbies, i allways loved carrying a slr camera on my shoulder mainly because it felt like a shoulder bag or purse!
i also have always loved wearing short tennis length shorts as they allow me to show off my legs and sort of feel like a short skirt.
one of the very few things i enjoyed about winter was being able to carry and use chap stick which i used to imagine was lipstick.

sorry i digressed sort of a blond moment gigle giggle

the only negative thing that happened on easter, as i left my aunts driveway heading home, is i had a brake line go on my car sooo i called and waited for AAA to take the car to my neighbors shop. the tow truck driver drove us home since it was on his way back to the highway.
so much for attending a friends wedding in town hall in plainfield on monday at 1pm. agghhh.

anyway i want to share with you the outfit i am not going to get to wear tomorrow at my friends wedding.
on the other hand.... it is a good thing it didn't happen on my way dressed to the event. giggle giggle
anyway hope everyone had a nice Easter!


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