Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

First off i want to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!
well i was planing to go out shopping for an easter type pink or mauve suit yesterday till the front end rattle from yesterday got more promonant. so off accross town to my neighbors' auto repair shop where he found a cracked /broken anti- sway bar on the front end on my buick. after he finishied repairing it and the ox. sensor i still had enough time today to go shopping.

so i got dressed as diana in my green skirt and white blouse and went back to the "look twice" consignment shop in the middle of my town where i introduced myself as diana a couple days ago.
i told the owner i needed a pink or mauve easter type suit for easter monday ( the date of my friend from k mart 's wedding at town hall.) and low and behold she pulled out a salmon/ pink 3 piece suit! yeaaaa! it has a pink skirt , a pink shell top and a shear floral "jacket". it looks wounderful with eather a white blouse or it's salmon/pink shell top. i lucked out as although it said petite it fit. yeaaa!  it fit so well that i hated to take it off and change back to the outfit i came in with.
the owner also said that since she has seen both selves that i looked better as a female and that i was very natural looking! it doesn't get any better than that!
you'll just have to wait till i get a moment to take photos giggle giggle!
of course after buying the pink outfit (by the way it is brand new and was only 29.00 what a bargin) i thought i might get pink undies  to go with it but sears was out of my favorite series in pink grrrr. so nest onto dsw shoe warehouse in watchung nj to look for a pair of pink dressy shoes but allas alack there doesn't seem to be any dressy pink shoes out this year. LOL
finally i was getting hungery and since it was spagitti night at home .... i decided to call it an early night.

one think i didn't get chance to post yesterday was i found an almost clear or very pale pink by loerial #857 dune this way i can make my other self wear lip stick along with the light make up and blush when i have him wearing male looking but female shirts and pants. giggle giggle i'd rather wear nice skirts and skirt suits but i have to compromise once in awhile. giggle giggle


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