Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16, 2008


i wanted to share a photo of me in k mart. the easter flowers were soooo pretty  i asked my friend the ast. manager to take my photo. he has just informed my that he is so excited because he and his partner have just gotten engaged! i am soooo happy for him.

as you can see i wore my green valore suit with the irish green embroydery on the front. thsi is one of my favorite suits 
so off i went to my dignity church meeting arriveing just as everyone was leaving. agghhh
nest i stopped at the good will store. i am lookeing for a pretty pink or mauve or purple suit or dress. didn't find anything.
so since i was hungery i moved on to ruby tuesdays resterant. where i ordered the crabcake (they have great crabcakes with real lump crabmeat)
and wouldn't you know it as i am sitting there a customer i know and his wife end up sitting at the next table in my line of vision. but i have learned if i don' t tell them they usually don't recognise me he he 
fianally onto k mart and the above photo.

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