Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18,2010 - shopping for halter tops

shopping for halter tops
today i had a great time i went to the store called barefoot which is really a shoe store but is allso has really cute almost clubby like clothes very reasonable.
i had gone in to buy a gold somewhat gaudy bikini i had seen the other day when i was there. the interesting thing is that the top halves where cut bigger so a small sufficed and yet the boy short bottoms were all cut small so i needed an XL! strange since i wear a med or 5-6 on panties and wear  a 38b on the top! they were a bargan at 7.00 ea half!

but the best part is that the sales girl was having way to much fun with going and finding me dresses to try on.

i had started out the other day looking for cotton halters without the metal rings to burn one in the sun and came accross the gold bikini. i have wanted one for awhile and although i probably won't wear it to the beach ( i'll stick with my mallot or fuller 2 piece thank you ) i needed something to wear to lady ellens daisy dukes party. himmm i still have time to find a white cotton halter and some ultra short stretchy jeans shorts.....

meanwhile the sales girl kept having me try on cute dresses. a cute black short sheared gathered dress with a peek a boo neck which i might give some thought to going back for (24.00!) but after trying on the second lay top back sort dress i looked at my arms and realized the die had rubbed off on me! egads lucky i had removed my white cami or it would have been ruined! a 26 year old it turned out was trying on the same as the first dress which made me try it on but alas typically of a 26 yr old everything she tried on look great!
before i left i not only thanked the manager but tipped the sales girl for her kindness.

maybe it is me but has anyone else  noticed that as the economy gets worse the store clerks now seem to go out of their way to be helpfull?

meanwhile we continue to melt in the heatwave in nj in the high 90's. so i guess i'll stick with my camis and short skirts and my bass sandals.
i have set up my little sack with water type pool but even with that it has been to hot to be in it.and my little dogwood tree out front is looking burned. i have watered each night for several hours and it perks up by morning but by evening it looks burned again.
stay cool everyone
hugs Diana

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