Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 - Diana goes to the local pool!

Diana goes to the local pool!
i am sooooo psyched! today i decided i was going to go to the local pool in the next town.

you'll have to imagine this photo with the longer hair (but a slightly worn out wig  to protect the newest one from the cloreen) as this is an older photo.
but non the less this is the mallot one piece bathing suit i wore.
along with my pink flip flops and black mess beach cover up.

(if i get to go again but with a female neighbor who knows diana just maybe i can get a recent photo.)

also you must realize that i live in the next town from a small but sort of inner city. with a large population of African Americans as well as a growing population of Latin Americans . but this pool and 2 others in that town are very well maintained and totally free to use and one doesn't need to be a town or even county resident.
but having gone by myself met hat i couldn't ask anyone to take my photo in the pool.

now you must understand that originally the hardest problem when i first started going out in public as diana was in getting the nerve to get out of the car. and that was just to go in a store to go shopping . now that is second nature for me and for the most part doesn't bother me .  there are still stores some stores and places that know my other self to well, as well as the chance of  bumping into the few who may not know of me as diana yet so i try to avoid or at least try to go in buy what i need and get out quickly, but for the most part i feel comfortable going in most places as diana and being accepted as a female.
but..... to go to a local pool as diana no that is a totally different story.
i have wanted to do this for quite some time but there were allways drawbacks. such as rinsing off the cloreen  if the pool is to far to get home quickly and do so.
so unless they have a uni restroom what was i to do?
then there was the sign at the pool in my county no hats allowed. himmmm does that include wigs ? what if someone says something.... and the list goes on and on of what if's....
the pool in the next county doesn't have an outside rinse point and again there was no uni gender restroom or shower. agghhhh
himmmm  what's a girl to do.
well this seems to have answered that question as they have an outside stand shower. yeaaaa!
so i parked on the street at the pool closest to me on the east end of the town and walked through the gate. removed my black mess cover up and flip flops and went down the steps into the pool. mind you i only went in to to my neck because i didn't want my "hair" floating away LOL but it worked out great! since that pool closed at 6pm i had 20 min there and then moved on to the pool at the west end of town since that one was open till 7pm and repeated my entrance using the stand shower when i left the pool.
an the way home i added a tennis shirt and came in the back door.
and then got really bold and went out to my pool (3' deep) to skim the few leaves out.
upon leaving the pool rinces off outside and returned to the celler to remove my suit and headed to the reg shower for the end of the day!
i had a great time even chatting with others in the public pools!
all i nalll a great day!
hugs Diana

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