Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23. 2010 - shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party

shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party
well today is the final day when i can shop for ultra short shorts for the daisy duke party at lady ellens party on sat.

after shopping in the juniors dept at numerious stores and ending up again at the kohls store , i found that most ultra short shorts are fine down on my legs but are to short for my hips. aggghhhh anyway i decided to wear my new gold la-may bikini with the new white ruffled halter top with my white jeans skirt.

meanwhile back at kohls i had decided to by a pink satin chemise (satin-polyester) and  started to chat with one of the store clerks.

she says " honey, i guess you haven't gone through menopause yet because i can't wear polyester to sleep in anymore it must be pure cotton these days"

i answered "no i haven't gone through menopause yet" (*te he* if she only knew!)

she said " you'll see when you go through it you won't want the satin - polyester eather".
himmmm i wonder if she is correct. himmmm we'll see.... *te he* but then again i am only 52 so it maybe awhile!....


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