Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7. 2010 - egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey

egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey!
egads i 'm melting . we are having the hotest july in record in new jersey.
today it was 108 degrees under the awning in the sun in the back of my house!
now mind you i have growen up in new jersey summers  but this is 10-20 degrees high even for new jersey!

unfortunatly i couldn't stay in the AC as my dad needed to be driven to the dentist and the oral surgion after breaking a tooth and bridge on sat when everyone was closed for the holiday. but even of i had had the time to be diana today  i decided it was just to hot to be in makeup and wig even if i wore a cami and usuall white jeans skirt it was just to hot today. but i did get to go out yesterday in the late afternoon to the foodstore and to get some lunch (a salad at wendys).
also i went to dots store to look for a halter top .  i tried on several dresses but non really worked for me but the sales clerk said that she always wears shorts under the shorter dresses becauses "one never knows what the guys are up to" LOL i don't think she had a clue that i am transgendered. LOL

we are supposed to have some continued hot days till at least thursday but a bit cooler LOL 90 degrees LOL

so for those out in the heat find a cool place and drink lots of clear water like fluids.
hugs diana

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