Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 - the Daisy Dukes party day!

the Daisy Dukes party day!
well the day has finally arrived for the Daisy Dukes party at lady ellens! yeaaa!

i was sooooo excited yet as usual when i look forward to such an event i couldn't seem to get out the door! the party was supposed to go from 12pm to 5pm.
although the weather was sunny it was exceedingly humid and about 95 outside!
but perfect weather for the a - for mentioned outfit of the gold lay-may bikini, the white ruffled see through halter top and the white jeans skirt!

when i arrived at about 3pm or after most of the girls where outside in the shade in the back yard. Ellen had suggested we could bring our unwanted extra clothing  and accessories to trade and swap. the only thing i had to bring was some jewelery as i had recently donated some stuff to the thrift store. agghhh

shortly after arriving i removed my white halter and skirt to show off my gold bikini. so that i could contribute to the "bling" of the daisy duke look. since i'm not sure how well this bikini would hold up in the pool or ocean i figured that this would be one of the few times i'd get to show this bikini off. :-)
Elen had set out a stand type sprinkler  which puts out a fine mist. and along with some fans  (yes fans outdoors LOL)  and an occasional hot breeze under the shade trees the bikini was the perfect thing to be wearing. in fact i hated to shange back into a to a strapless bra and reg panties along with the skirt and the halter since i had figured out that the halter wasn't the cotton it looked but rather  get this... RAYON! in 95 degree heat! but it looked soooo cute even if the elastic did cut a bit under my arms! i had brought a cotton white cami just in case and initially had changed into that but before i left after going into the air conditioned house i switched back as i needed to stop at wendys for a snack on the way home (now 9pm!) and of course i really wanted to show off the ruffled see - through halter *giggle giggle*  the woman manager came out to chat and see the outfit.
she said" ooooooh where did you buy it and how much? i want one!!!
i said "at the barefoot store" for $10.00. but remember it isn't cotton.
she said" doesn't mater the price is right as i try not to pay more than $10.00 for a shirt. ( himmm and i thought i was the only thrifty shopper *giggle giggle*)

when i got home i had "glistened" (woman don't perspire they "glisten") soooo much at the party that after wolfing down some of the wendy's snack ( i was so busy socializing i had forgotten to eat at the party and it had been quite awhile since breakfast. but with the heat i really wasn't interested in eating) i decided to jump into my little pool. i was now exceedingly humid even for new jersey so much so you could cut the air with a knife. i no sooner jumped in and the thunder started. after splish - splashing a bit back and forth and seeing a distant bit of lightening it was time to call it a night.

in thinking back to the party i had once again met some verrry interesting new people at the party . both the transgendered as well as some GG's (which was a pleasent surprise) some of whom had traveled quite a distance to get there.
all in all in spite of the heat it was a very nice event! and at least it wasn't raining ( although we need rain soooo bad these days) and unlike winter one didn't need to shovel there way out the front door to get to the event LOL! and with that cool thought of a snow shovel....  i'll call it a night!


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