Sunday, June 10, 2007

june 10, 2007

Wow once again i got to dress 2 days in a row! Yeaaa! this was the second event for the pride film fest their picnic in the park. i got to wear my new floral dress which my magician Tailor shortened and altered a bit for me. even though the day was not hot it felt cool and wounder full. the only down side was that i bumped into an acquaintance friend of another friend who i couldn't ignore and sadly perhaps i mistakenly thought he recognized me it turned out he didn't but it was to late after i opened my mouth. although i asked it remain unknown I'm not sure that my request will be respected we will see. as the mutual friend he knows owns the house i stay at in the summer at the seashore in a very small town where only 2 people know Diana and everyone knows my other self. Agh.. but however it turns out .. it turns out. on other notes the weather was beautiful for the pride picnic. they even had a CD performer from Oregon (Eva i think is dong a show currently on Broadway NY she was very good very hard to tell.
then i went to walmart and found some new white opened toed shoes with heal straps and 2" heels to wear to the other evening film events at the local Plainfield NJ library each night this week. the down side is i have another event on Thur. as my other self at the same time so squeezing it all in will be interesting.

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