Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007

no i didn't get to dress today it was to warm and this is my busy season at work but, i did get to read yesterdays (Sunday) star ledger news paper, and found a wonderful article in the accent section about NJ making the news with the new law which prevents discrimination against the transgendered. this just took effect. this is a wonderful step forward for the transgendered because it is now against the law for a business, apartment owner or employer to discriminate against us in NJ. yeaaa!! as the article mentions that as more people come out the more the public gets use to the transgendered which then makes it easier for others to be their other self's. i also saw that a friend of ours Barbra (Babs) Casbar, a political transgendered activist, was interviewed for her part in getting this bill put into law.
Thank you Babs

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