Thursday, June 14, 2007

june 14, 2007

well i thought i'd get to go to the last film tonight of the pride film fest but... i got done with work late and had another meeting to attend 1st and got out to late for the film. oh well... but i did get dressed in my new floral skirt and white blouse with the lace on it and go shopping. decided since the skirt is rather thin that i should go to k mart and pick up a 1/2 slip. found 2, one with plain and one with lace trim. so of course i had to have that one too. LOL ahhh satin and lace :-) also some new summer tan panty hose (4 to a box what a deal.) and some new blush and maybeline eyeliner ,since the sharpener kept breaking my previous one but, of course they were out of the dark blue eyeliner. so next i went to a nearby food store (which was allso out of it agh) then onto wallmart, also out of it finally, at the next food store i bought it. yeaaa so i guess i am all set for tomorrow nights closing party of the week long pride film fest. i hope to have time to wash this blouse and dry it before tomarow evening although i only wore the blouse for about 2 hours today and it was very cool out... on the way home i stopped to put on the satina and lace 1/2 slip. it felt wooounderfulll! especialy on such a cool spring evening.

ps i forgot to say thank you (must be my blond hair LOL) to all who viewed my page and sent it above 1000 viewers. It's intersting and surprising to me that that many people would view it in such a short time period
thank you again

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