Saturday, June 9, 2007

june 9, 2007

I'm so excited I couldn't sleep. i just got home from this years pride film fest gala ball. in spite of yesterdays heat wave it cooled off enough tonight so that i got to wear my new black sparkly dress and open toed 3" heel shoes. it was a wonderful evening. I solved the dilemma of the broken figure nail by using a self stick nail. ( they only come in french polish sooo... i file sanded the polish off since it wouldn't come off with nail polish remover) and for every day wear i can just clear coat the entire stick on nail accept the tip which then looks like a natural nail! since i switched to red for the gala it didn't matter. the neatest part is my neighbors were asleep so i could walk in the front door as diana and change and remove makeup at home for a change sort of like a gg. yeaaa!
i forgot to mention the gala was held in a 1905 mansion in the next town from me. the ballroom was larger than my whole cape cod type house!! the interesting thing is that the film was called 20 centimeters a foreign film with subtitles somewhat a comedy about a transgendered persons struggles to transition. ironic since i got to go dressed as diana even if i am a cd that doesn't plan to transition. this was a glbt event but i believe i was the sol representative of the transgendered world as the majority seemed to be g or l. but it was good to see everyone since it has been a year since i saw some of these people so i could feel very comfortable dressed as diana. glad i got to wear the black sparkle dress and didn't have to go with something cooler but less fancy. slightly overdressed for the event but i had fun any way.

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