Friday, June 15, 2007

june 15, 2007

as this was the closing of this years pride film fest and as in the past there was a small party, i decided to wear basically the same outfit as last evening: the floral skirt with the the new satin and lace 1/2 slip and the white lace trimmed shell blouse along with my new 3" open toed with heel strap shoes. Since it was a cool evening on the deck it felt wounderfull.
The interesting thing is that one of the younger members (late 20's) of the group was trying to understand our thoughts on being CD and transgendered. the only thing was he had to much wine so was having difficulty understanding and relating it to his being gay. at any rate i know i have progressed a long way in even just the last year since i could discuss being transgendered in an educated manor. what an opportunity to help educate the very group that has taken us under their umbrella. i felt truly honored to be able to do this as best as i could since all of us ( including the whole world ) is constantly evolving and since most of us as transgendered are still trying to fully understand ourselves yet i think I'm only at about 80% of understanding myself. Isn't the human mind a wondrous thing.
since it was 1am, i was once again able to enter the house as Diana which allso felt wounderful just like a gg. came in, changed for bed (yes a satin chamese) and removed my makeup just like any gg that came home from a garden party. ahhh how i hated to see the week end....

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