Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17, 2007

here it is father's day (as my other self i am single and not a dad at this point), after dad and i had dinner and he opened his gift (innertubes for his 1930 antique car. it's been 30 years since we installed the last ones and 3 of them are have stem rot) then since we were just hanging out i decided to go to the dignity pride church meeting and mass. i got to wear the floral dress of last sunday in the park along with my new open toed heal strapped white 2 -1/2" pumps all of which felt wounderfull inspite of the warm day (90). next i stopped for dinner at ruby tuesdays resterant where i had a wounderfull crabcake dinner. next it was off to stop and shop for milk and then onto walmart to return the wrong color pantyhose and chat with the jewlery counter lady i know.
today was a wounderfull day it more than made up for yesterday.

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