Thursday, June 7, 2007

July 07, 2007

hi all

i have great news yahoo was kind enough to reset my password after i locked myself out of my site. wew i was afraid i'd not be able to contact all my friends anymore.

i also must bring you up to date as i have been able to dress july 1st, 2nd,7th and yesterday july 8th. being blond i hardly remember what i wore. but i have been keeping my legs shaved so i haven't need stockings. instead i have used peds with my open toed strapy white flat shoes(i still feel only half dressed without panty hose) along with my white jeans skirt (above knee) and a veriaty of tee shirts in different pastell shades. although yesterday i got a bit daring and wore a spagetty strapped white shirt (although it did have a shelf linner)

thank you glyn and everyone else for your advice on getting back in.


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