Monday, January 22, 2007

Entry for January 22, 2007

Yea, i finally got some time to dress and go to the mall for new makeup. My green plaid pendelton skirt, white satin blouse, leather boots, and long wool dress coat felt wounderful due to the cold weather here in NJ. Unfortunately Macys' was out of the pecan blush which i found out was not the contoure color i wanted. So it was off to Bloomingdales and found what I wanted in the Mac brand. Next on to Lord and Taylor for Clinque makup remover (great stuff not drying) and back to Macys for some satin unmentonables I ended up stopping at home depo and the grocery store on the way home as i hate for the day to end when i am dressed in such a nice outfit

Sunday, January 14, 2007

 can't believe time has passed so quickly since my last entry! Here it is into the new year! Anyway as Diana i finally got time to go out shopping for an hour or so since almost a week ago. I was able to get 2 new pairs of dress shoes. 1 gold pair by Ann Marino and one black pair by impo. Both were open toed sling backs with a 4" stiletto heel, and the best part is that the gold pair was 40% off at dsw shoe store (yea). I had seen the gold ones a couple weeks ago but hedged on buying them figuring that if they were still there they would be meant for me. The store had moved them to the close out rack and the amazing thing is that they still had one pair that fit me!
i also bought a new gold metallic clutch type purse on sale at k mart 50% off yea!
The best Part is that i got a chance to wear my newly 
aquired green pendelton dock watch plaid skirt and new white blouse with an embroidered pattern on the front. Since it's been warm for NJ but it was drizzling i wore my black dress boots with only a 2" heal to shop in. This ensamble felt wounderful, classy and beautiful.