Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 - Diana goes to the local pool!

Diana goes to the local pool!
i am sooooo psyched! today i decided i was going to go to the local pool in the next town.

you'll have to imagine this photo with the longer hair (but a slightly worn out wig  to protect the newest one from the cloreen) as this is an older photo.
but non the less this is the mallot one piece bathing suit i wore.
along with my pink flip flops and black mess beach cover up.

(if i get to go again but with a female neighbor who knows diana just maybe i can get a recent photo.)

also you must realize that i live in the next town from a small but sort of inner city. with a large population of African Americans as well as a growing population of Latin Americans . but this pool and 2 others in that town are very well maintained and totally free to use and one doesn't need to be a town or even county resident.
but having gone by myself met hat i couldn't ask anyone to take my photo in the pool.

now you must understand that originally the hardest problem when i first started going out in public as diana was in getting the nerve to get out of the car. and that was just to go in a store to go shopping . now that is second nature for me and for the most part doesn't bother me .  there are still stores some stores and places that know my other self to well, as well as the chance of  bumping into the few who may not know of me as diana yet so i try to avoid or at least try to go in buy what i need and get out quickly, but for the most part i feel comfortable going in most places as diana and being accepted as a female.
but..... to go to a local pool as diana no that is a totally different story.
i have wanted to do this for quite some time but there were allways drawbacks. such as rinsing off the cloreen  if the pool is to far to get home quickly and do so.
so unless they have a uni restroom what was i to do?
then there was the sign at the pool in my county no hats allowed. himmmm does that include wigs ? what if someone says something.... and the list goes on and on of what if's....
the pool in the next county doesn't have an outside rinse point and again there was no uni gender restroom or shower. agghhhh
himmmm  what's a girl to do.
well this seems to have answered that question as they have an outside stand shower. yeaaaa!
so i parked on the street at the pool closest to me on the east end of the town and walked through the gate. removed my black mess cover up and flip flops and went down the steps into the pool. mind you i only went in to to my neck because i didn't want my "hair" floating away LOL but it worked out great! since that pool closed at 6pm i had 20 min there and then moved on to the pool at the west end of town since that one was open till 7pm and repeated my entrance using the stand shower when i left the pool.
an the way home i added a tennis shirt and came in the back door.
and then got really bold and went out to my pool (3' deep) to skim the few leaves out.
upon leaving the pool rinces off outside and returned to the celler to remove my suit and headed to the reg shower for the end of the day!
i had a great time even chatting with others in the public pools!
all i nalll a great day!
hugs Diana

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 - feeling old and ugly

feeling old and ugly
today was a land mark in that it represents the most days in a month i have manged to go out in public as diana in one month! (23) yeaaaa! as one may remember my goal has been between 1/2 to 3/4 of the time as diana meaning 15-19 days per month.

most days i feel very fem and manage to blend in but today....

i got to the food store (stop and shop) and everyhing sort of went down hill first the lady on the deli was off and the other guys were not cooperative.  in fact the one kept saying " this guy " ,meaning me the customer, wants a  un flavored (called natural or traditional) oven roaster. then when i asked for coldcuts i was told that they were "trying" to clean up. true it was 20 min  before the deli closed (store closes 2 hours later though) but i had CALLED before i came  (which i usually do this in my best diana voice and the lady always says hello girlfriend diana) and got the same treatment "hay so and so it's "THAT GUY" calling that always wants a chicken on tue.
(do i really look or sound like a "GUY" when i am out as diana?) 

it turns out that they didn't get enough to sell me a plain oven roaster  only the usual extra's of the  flavored one's like bourbon or honey. usually they don't sell and get thrown out!
ok so tomorrows' (tue) dinner menu is now changed.

next i check out the banana's which looked like they had been brused by dropping or rather throwing them off a truck.

what is it with suppiers these days? don't they have ANY pride in their product or do they all feel they can get away with dumping poor quality left overs and overruns on the large chains and school accounts figuring that no one will complain since they have to pay the bill anyway!
it has gotten sooo bad the at the  local a & P that the produce manage has taken to e mailing a photo of the newly delivered rotted bananas to the supplier EVERY DAY! and the supplier still doesn't seem to care still sending the junk. it is almost as if the supplier is smugly proud of the fact that they can get away with shipping junk and getting paid for it!

onto the lettuce. the first head i picked out  i handed to the produce guy as it was mushy rotted!  good grief!  and soooo it went!

by this time i was ready to walk out and leave my partially full cart behind but that would not give me milk for my cereal in the morning!

non the less i persevered anyway feeling OLD AND UGLY!
just another GUY in a SKIRT!

now mind you i had a pretty yellow T shirt and a knee lenght white jeans skirt with brown sandals. and my hair was fixed in the same manor as when i have received complements on it from total strangers. yet i wasn't in the proper mind set. so i sort of felt guy-ish. you know one of those days when you can't pull it all together. i am told from gg friends that gg's have these days from time to time. even the really good looking ones.
but that is of little comfort when it's happening  to one's self.

i really do have much to be grateful for :
i live i a for the most part  an accepting part of the country let alone a tolerant part of the world.
so far i have had enough food in my stomach and a roof over my head.
yet when i get a bit overtired .... i kind of take on a poor me routeen. such as the afore mentioned situation or winning that business has slowed down with work  for me and many others in my area, ect.
sooo i guess one out of 23 days is not a bad average for this month!
esspecialy after Saturdays' event and blog entry!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 - the Daisy Dukes party day!

the Daisy Dukes party day!
well the day has finally arrived for the Daisy Dukes party at lady ellens! yeaaa!

i was sooooo excited yet as usual when i look forward to such an event i couldn't seem to get out the door! the party was supposed to go from 12pm to 5pm.
although the weather was sunny it was exceedingly humid and about 95 outside!
but perfect weather for the a - for mentioned outfit of the gold lay-may bikini, the white ruffled see through halter top and the white jeans skirt!

when i arrived at about 3pm or after most of the girls where outside in the shade in the back yard. Ellen had suggested we could bring our unwanted extra clothing  and accessories to trade and swap. the only thing i had to bring was some jewelery as i had recently donated some stuff to the thrift store. agghhh

shortly after arriving i removed my white halter and skirt to show off my gold bikini. so that i could contribute to the "bling" of the daisy duke look. since i'm not sure how well this bikini would hold up in the pool or ocean i figured that this would be one of the few times i'd get to show this bikini off. :-)
Elen had set out a stand type sprinkler  which puts out a fine mist. and along with some fans  (yes fans outdoors LOL)  and an occasional hot breeze under the shade trees the bikini was the perfect thing to be wearing. in fact i hated to shange back into a to a strapless bra and reg panties along with the skirt and the halter since i had figured out that the halter wasn't the cotton it looked but rather  get this... RAYON! in 95 degree heat! but it looked soooo cute even if the elastic did cut a bit under my arms! i had brought a cotton white cami just in case and initially had changed into that but before i left after going into the air conditioned house i switched back as i needed to stop at wendys for a snack on the way home (now 9pm!) and of course i really wanted to show off the ruffled see - through halter *giggle giggle*  the woman manager came out to chat and see the outfit.
she said" ooooooh where did you buy it and how much? i want one!!!
i said "at the barefoot store" for $10.00. but remember it isn't cotton.
she said" doesn't mater the price is right as i try not to pay more than $10.00 for a shirt. ( himmm and i thought i was the only thrifty shopper *giggle giggle*)

when i got home i had "glistened" (woman don't perspire they "glisten") soooo much at the party that after wolfing down some of the wendy's snack ( i was so busy socializing i had forgotten to eat at the party and it had been quite awhile since breakfast. but with the heat i really wasn't interested in eating) i decided to jump into my little pool. i was now exceedingly humid even for new jersey so much so you could cut the air with a knife. i no sooner jumped in and the thunder started. after splish - splashing a bit back and forth and seeing a distant bit of lightening it was time to call it a night.

in thinking back to the party i had once again met some verrry interesting new people at the party . both the transgendered as well as some GG's (which was a pleasent surprise) some of whom had traveled quite a distance to get there.
all in all in spite of the heat it was a very nice event! and at least it wasn't raining ( although we need rain soooo bad these days) and unlike winter one didn't need to shovel there way out the front door to get to the event LOL! and with that cool thought of a snow shovel....  i'll call it a night!


Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23. 2010 - shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party

shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party
well today is the final day when i can shop for ultra short shorts for the daisy duke party at lady ellens party on sat.

after shopping in the juniors dept at numerious stores and ending up again at the kohls store , i found that most ultra short shorts are fine down on my legs but are to short for my hips. aggghhhh anyway i decided to wear my new gold la-may bikini with the new white ruffled halter top with my white jeans skirt.

meanwhile back at kohls i had decided to by a pink satin chemise (satin-polyester) and  started to chat with one of the store clerks.

she says " honey, i guess you haven't gone through menopause yet because i can't wear polyester to sleep in anymore it must be pure cotton these days"

i answered "no i haven't gone through menopause yet" (*te he* if she only knew!)

she said " you'll see when you go through it you won't want the satin - polyester eather".
himmmm i wonder if she is correct. himmmm we'll see.... *te he* but then again i am only 52 so it maybe awhile!....


Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18,2010 - shopping for halter tops

shopping for halter tops
today i had a great time i went to the store called barefoot which is really a shoe store but is allso has really cute almost clubby like clothes very reasonable.
i had gone in to buy a gold somewhat gaudy bikini i had seen the other day when i was there. the interesting thing is that the top halves where cut bigger so a small sufficed and yet the boy short bottoms were all cut small so i needed an XL! strange since i wear a med or 5-6 on panties and wear  a 38b on the top! they were a bargan at 7.00 ea half!

but the best part is that the sales girl was having way to much fun with going and finding me dresses to try on.

i had started out the other day looking for cotton halters without the metal rings to burn one in the sun and came accross the gold bikini. i have wanted one for awhile and although i probably won't wear it to the beach ( i'll stick with my mallot or fuller 2 piece thank you ) i needed something to wear to lady ellens daisy dukes party. himmm i still have time to find a white cotton halter and some ultra short stretchy jeans shorts.....

meanwhile the sales girl kept having me try on cute dresses. a cute black short sheared gathered dress with a peek a boo neck which i might give some thought to going back for (24.00!) but after trying on the second lay top back sort dress i looked at my arms and realized the die had rubbed off on me! egads lucky i had removed my white cami or it would have been ruined! a 26 year old it turned out was trying on the same as the first dress which made me try it on but alas typically of a 26 yr old everything she tried on look great!
before i left i not only thanked the manager but tipped the sales girl for her kindness.

maybe it is me but has anyone else  noticed that as the economy gets worse the store clerks now seem to go out of their way to be helpfull?

meanwhile we continue to melt in the heatwave in nj in the high 90's. so i guess i'll stick with my camis and short skirts and my bass sandals.
i have set up my little sack with water type pool but even with that it has been to hot to be in it.and my little dogwood tree out front is looking burned. i have watered each night for several hours and it perks up by morning but by evening it looks burned again.
stay cool everyone
hugs Diana

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7. 2010 - egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey

egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey!
egads i 'm melting . we are having the hotest july in record in new jersey.
today it was 108 degrees under the awning in the sun in the back of my house!
now mind you i have growen up in new jersey summers  but this is 10-20 degrees high even for new jersey!

unfortunatly i couldn't stay in the AC as my dad needed to be driven to the dentist and the oral surgion after breaking a tooth and bridge on sat when everyone was closed for the holiday. but even of i had had the time to be diana today  i decided it was just to hot to be in makeup and wig even if i wore a cami and usuall white jeans skirt it was just to hot today. but i did get to go out yesterday in the late afternoon to the foodstore and to get some lunch (a salad at wendys).
also i went to dots store to look for a halter top .  i tried on several dresses but non really worked for me but the sales clerk said that she always wears shorts under the shorter dresses becauses "one never knows what the guys are up to" LOL i don't think she had a clue that i am transgendered. LOL

we are supposed to have some continued hot days till at least thursday but a bit cooler LOL 90 degrees LOL

so for those out in the heat find a cool place and drink lots of clear water like fluids.
hugs diana

Sunday, July 4, 2010