Sunday, March 17, 2013

st patricks day sunday march 17th, 2013

thought you'd like to see a photo of a lass ( me) in a green sweater on st patricks day.

i had gone to the dignity church service (a GLBT catholic group that rents a non catholic church to hold a mass) and on the way home i stopped at rise and shine a local diner for a corn beef dinner for my dad. Z( even though dad is german LOL) ironicaly even though i am 1/2 irish or truly 1/4 i am not a big fan of corn beef since if it is not cut right and thin enough many times it tasts like boiled rubber to me.
i had originally stopped at mannys hot dog diner in maplewood nj but... the waitress i knew said that she was sorry but they had JUST served their last 2 plates of corn beef. agghhh to the couple sitting next to were i was standing. so a quick phone call to rise and shine to hold a dinner for me and off i went back to my home town diner to pick up my order. :-)
when i arrived home i defrosted a hamburger for myself and sat down to dinner (me as diana) with dad

Saturday, March 16, 2013

the new boots March 16th 2013

i just wanted to show off the set of boots i bought when i went to pick up the new wig earlier in the day!
i know i am at the same boring errand of saturday late afternoon food shopping ! at least if i can go as diana it takes the edge off the chore.

on a different topic
did anyone else hear on the news today about the new European fashion trend for men called "mantyhose" or rather tights for men! they come in all shades and patterns and the commentator ended in saying "what next dresses for men?"
so i guess we have all been just way ahead of the styles. LOL sort of takes the fun out of being a CD LOL
hope everyone has a great St Patricks' Day!
hugs Diana