Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 20th 2010 - ear piercing follow up..

ear piercing follow up... ....time to bring ya all' up to date.

2 weeks after getting my ears pierced one ear ended up with an infection! now mind you i followed the clairs instructions to a "T" and used their solution.
now in the ol' days folks used alcohol to clean the piercing until it healed. heck back in the day some of those folks didn't even have sterile equipment!

so back to my ear Dr. who was back logged so i needed to see one of the other partners. this is a verrry large group they have several ear nose throat guys and a one that is the last word on ears. so about 3 days later they squezee me in .

now mind you the first ear dr i had seen several weeks ago sort of looks like a rock and role star but the second one is more clean cut loooking so i expect some comments on the piercing  since i am 52 and they don't know of my fem self.  wellll after i mentioned this to the next dr he turns his head to me and shows me his piercings and tells me the first dr has the same! well you could have knocked me over with a feather if i wasn't sitting down already!

 he agreed with my suggestions of eather achoal, peroxied , basatracian (sp) or bactaban , along with also the cipro drops usually used in the ear.  which is what finally did the job. now mind you i have a good repore with these guys as i am in about 3-4 times a year to get my ears vacuumed due to my exema induced wax build up.

well now it is week 7-8 after the piercing. so i will keep you posted.
i have since talked to another licensed piercer who said sea sal or epson salt works well to but she was the only one who said don't use achoal which all the rest including the dr said to use . amaizing how you can ask 10 diff people their opinion and get 10 diff answers. LOL

meanwhile it is an interesting sensation to not need to remove the earings before entering the house or out in the world in male mode. when in male mode and asked aske why did i get them pierced ? i simply say because i wanted to !

ironiclyly i was loosening the backing over the sink just before i was to go out to a sat evening event and the earing slipped out and into the sink. agggghhhhh. major panic lucky it wasnt ' the infected ear lobe. i quicky grabbed it out of the sink, dropped it in a cup of alcohol and reinserteded it. remember this is the only pierced earings i have currently and needed to keep a post in till it healed to prevent it closing up!

meanwhile i managed to get out shopping "dressed pretty" about 20 times last monnth and this month i needed to buy more dress swweaters to wear with my boots and tights since it has been agout 10 degreees below normal this year. to accent the colorfull sweaters i have bought 2-3 more black skirts one in wool and all knee length.

hopefull spring is on it's way in the not to distant future!

hugs to all