Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010 - ear update and more

ear update and more the ears have finally healed! yeeeeaaaa! it is now 10 weehs on st pats day since they were pierced. but no dangly earings for 6 months they said.

sigh so mmuch to share and it is allready into the early hours.

out and about for lunch

had an interesting comment this evening

i had stopped to pick up burgers for dad and i  . a gentleman said

" by chance did you grow up in the next town of ....?"

i said " well in the area"

he said "did you  grow up on 9th st with 3 sisters  ?"

and i said "sorry i grew up in the next town over "

he said "well you could be her or one of her sisters"

* giggle giggle * if he only knew *still giggling*

we fared well with the local flooding during the north easter but many local towns did not.
and on a sad note my beloved town of ocean grove nj lost 4 buildings in a fire duing the north easter storm. it took 200 fire fighters to put out the blaze with baseball size embers in 50mph winds. they are lucky they contained it there as this is a 1890's town with mostly victorian buildings.

hope everyone else fared well during the storm if you are in the north east

on another note i actualy told one other long time neighbor about diana ( also a muscian in the preforming arts field) and the previous neighbor i told i heard he wanded to see diana life so i stopped in yesterday. ironiclly he was watching the cnn special on a transgendered persons story. well he was bowled over . he could get over how passable i was including the voice he said. i know he was being genuine just from the expression on his face.

but the story i mentioned in the beginning really surprised me when a guy didn't guess i wasn't a gg!