Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13,2008

Well today started out great i accomplished quite a bit of stuff and so i rewarded myself with going back to the beach. 
i changed on the way and drove the 45 miles to ocean grove i wore my yellow T shirt and white jeans skirt and sandels. i called my gg friend leving a message on her tape letting her know i was on my way but as things happen i got stuck in a traffic jam near the turnpike (they had closed 4 lanes due to a high speed chase ) great just what i wanted soooo i again called and left a message for my gg friend and let her know it would take at least another 1/2 hour or more to get there which normaly takes about an hour.
now it starts to drizzel great! as i thought if the traffic jam continues after the turnpike exit i'll turn around after the bridge and cancell but the jam cleared like it was never there yeaaa i was on my way.

ok now it is almost 2 hours later almost 7 pm but i could still sit on the beach and we could still go to dinner. now i arrived at her house only to find a note " i've moved on "  aghhhh last week it was on again after it was off again last year and today it is off again aghhhh now i call again leaving a messsage and ask for an explaination as i can't read between these lines.
so now i go to the beach anyway but no longer in my diana mood  so i changed back to my other self and go to the beach as my other self get a quick dip in the water and eat my sandwich by myself as.
at least as my other self i can visit with some of my old summer neighbors.
by now i missed the wed band concert on the boardwalk and went off to eat dinner at 10pm by myself. which at least brightened my mood. at least since this wasn't the first time this has happened over the last 2 years so i didn't fall apart but it caught me off guard.
i had a nice late afternoon anyway.
hugs to all

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10,2008

i couldn't be held back any longer and had to get out again. so as my other self i made him wear full make-up all day and after dinner changed on the way to get milk. since it cooled down after the rain we had i wore a pink T shirt and my white jeans skirt and peds with sandels. unfortunatly stop and shop was closed so it was onto walmart where i bought milk, some unmentionable prostic spair upper inserts, 3 golf shirts for my other self and a few other things as i checked out the girl was sullen as if i was bothering her on her line that had been empty but as i left her coworker stepped by and i overheard her comment that the 1st girl should be carefull as i could be a secreet shopper. giggle giggle Anyway i forgot the apple pie i also wanted soooo back on the road in serch of a food store open after 11pm on a sunday. agghhh
first to quick check but not even a entamans next to shop right one town away which was closed (since when is shop right not open 24 hours?) then onto path mark in the next town which was open but was out of apple pie and coconut custered pies agghhhhh. finally i bought a bit size one and a frozen one sara lee which it turns out is made with splenda agghhh (i have a miled allergy to artaficial sweetners) oh well at least it was now late enough i didn't need to change and could come home as diana. and after all that i'm not sure i want pie as my coffee is cold now. LOL

Monday, August 4, 2008

aug. 6, 2007

today i drove to the 50 miles to my favorite beach as diana and met a gg friend of mine but when i arrived i sat on the horns of a delma as i wanted to go to the beach as both selves aggghhh so since this was the first time i was going to the beach this year my otherself won out. oh well. the interesting thing is that even presenting as my other self i still felt as if i were diana! which makes it hard to get used to being able to go "topless" as my other self. giggle giggle but this allowed me to sit in my other selfs usual spot since i know so many people in that town. my gg friend said i could go as eather self she didn't mind but that she would act as if we were 2 girl friends at the beach. but that wasn't the deciding factor just that my other self one out. interesting. it wasn't till eveing when we went to diinner that i was truly my other self. but then again it was my friends birthday soooo it was just as well.


August 4,2008

i haven't been in the mood to be diana for the last month as i metioned accept at night when i turn in each evening in my teddy or nightgown with matching panties 

put today and last thur and fri i took the opertunity to do so . last thur i went to the concert in the park in mountianside nj. i arrived a bit late in time for the last number as a light drissel started. (hence why i didn't take the new mg toy with top down LOL)
i can't remember at the moment all my stops (a junior moment a friend says LOL) but i got hungry on the way back so i stopped at micky d's drive through as i picked up my meal guess what i saw ..... the painted long fingure nails of the male with a light gotee who handed me my order. of course i was dressed in my white cammasole, white jeans skirt white grass hopper sandels (very comphy) with my sears open toed thong type peds which allow you to show off your toenails giggle giggle . i commented how great his nails looked and we discussed nails before i drove off. i didn't get chance to ask more but you can bet i'll go back there.

on fri i went to somerville to check on the progress of the 1967 mg engine awaikening and spent time jacking up the car undoing the spoke wheel and freeing the rear frozen brake drum.
from there i whent to the next door resterante washed up had a late lunch and did the usual on the road change and went over to the fri night calssic car cruse. here i walked up and down the main street looking at cars wearing basicly the same combination as yesterday (but a clean camasole) 

i stopped at k mart on the way home. as you all know one never seems to get enough time out and about as our fem selves giggle giggle

today monday was a erend day after finishing my school rounds for work. so again it was change on the run actualy bring my skirt into the restrom at the sub shop in my purse and finish changeing there. next i ordered lunch and then it was off the salvation army store . found 2 blouses. next on to the food store for vegys for tonights salad with dinner and finally to sears to pick up some unmentionables giggle giggle but even with 3 -1/2 hours it isn't enough ! but it was now 830pm and tie to go home for dinner and back to my otherself oh well such as it is