Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

i just wanted to wish all my friends a very happy new year!

i tried to do a mass e mail but .... a yahoo message says that my empty mail box is full and needs to be emptied! oh well....

i actually got to go out to day the last of the old year for a short time. same outfit just a diff. blouse. first i went for a very late lunch to Micky D's next off to the target store to replace a cd player that i got for my aunt that was defective. of course while i was there i bought a stripe blouse for my "other self to wear". (it turned out to be one size to small so it has to go back so the hunt continues.)
i already bought him a set of woman's reverse fly pants to wear which are at my tailors for alterations including installation of 2 rear pockets. giggle giggle. soon even when in guy mode he'll be wearing woman's clothes he he giggle giggle. i already have him wearing woman's slip on shoes much of the time. giggle giggle 

in the old superstitions it is said that what ever one does on the first of the year they will do the rest of the year this is how the new years party's got started. also the wearing of a new piece of clothing etc. and the receiving of a piece of silver. soooo......
I'm not taking any chances just as i did last year I'll try to find some time tomorrow Jan. 1st to go out dressed as Diana.

in looking back on this year i managed to dress about 1/8th the time or about 50 days this past year including in the summer. i also managed to go to the beach in a maillot bathing suit as well as keep my legs shaved and fingernails with pale pink nail polish much of the time.
i had hoped to dress about 1/4 of the time but that wasn't to be but i did top last year by 1 day this seems to be my average. oh well.... but i also managed to seep in a lovely satin nightgown 99% of the time with only a few exceptions ( when on a family trip with my dad and when i had a 24hr stomach bug ) so all in all i can't complain.

i hope everyone had a merry Christmas and that you have a happy new year!

hugs to all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26, 2007

I hope everyone had a nice christmas!

I was such a good girl this year i just knew santa wouldn't forget me. giggle giggle

Anyway i decided to go out and do some shopping and errends today. just the usual stuff ... the postoffice (this was a first. i wanted to show a lady who works there and knows of me my new maron leather skirt.), the farm market, (also a first) and finally i stopped for a bite to eat at micky D's and to say hi to ronald. he agreed to a photo with a nicely dressed lady (me diana giggle giggle)!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23, 2007

yeaaaa i got to go out dressed 2 days in a row!  i wore the same outfit as yesterday accept a different brocade blouse.
today i went to drop off a gift to the lady who styles my hair at the wig shop/beauty supply but..., she was at her other job at cosmetics at lord and Taylor. this was just fine with me as i have wanted to go to this smaller non mall L & T in the neighboring town dressed as Diana. she introduced me to several of her friends who treated me as any other woman customer or friend which felt great!
next onto k-mart to return stuff for my other self and buy a few unmentionables for myself!
and finally onto Rubie Tuesday restaurant for take out since i had to bring dinner home to my dad.
aside from the drizzle and the momentary power outage at k mart it was a great day.

just an additional note here if anyone lives or travels near linden new jersey , Nancy's lingerie shop is wonderful she is very down to earth and helpful and has many toys for sale as well .

once again i want to wish everyone
a very merry christmas!

hugs to all

Saturday, December 22, 2007

December 22, 2007

well i finally got to get dressed and go out! whew! 
i went to see a gg friend that owns Nancy's lingerie shop and drop off a small Xmas gift. since it was time to close up for the evening we decided to catch a bit to eat and catch up on the news at applebys'.
this was the first time i had really gone to dinner with a gg as Diana(I've gone by myself many times before)! it went very smoothly! no one even batted an eye! just two girlfriends out for dinner!
i got to wear my new maroon leather skirt and white brocade blouse with black boots and my red dress coat. yeaaaa!
a day or two ago i had painted my nails again (first a clear coat then 2 coats of pail pink and finally a clear coat) and in the afternoon my dad and i went shopping in sears (me in drab ) i commented on the nice nail color that the cashier had on and she in turn mentions that she likes my nice neutrals color as well! she didn't even bat an eye or ask why, just as if she was talking to another woman giggle giggle ( i did whisper to her that i was a cd and it works for both self's) she said "so what" giggle giggle
the interesting thing is that from the time i got up this morning my brain was in fem mode even when my outer clothes were male i felt as if i was a female in male clothes. interesting . it really is a wonderful feeling when that happens.
anyway i had hoped to dress at least 5 times per month this year or about an eighth of the time unfortunately the last month or so i didn't get to do that but for most of the year i have accomplished that along with sleeping in my satin nighty's so i guess that's not a bad average.

before i forget i want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16, 2007

well i had hopped to dress up for the dignity church meeting and Xmas party accept, we ended up with 2" of icy slush along with the prediction of 50 mph winds. sooo after i shoveled the driveway (to icy and small for the snow blower- not enough for my neighbors plow, just in between) i went back into the warm house.
i had planned to wear my new maroon leather skirt with my black leather boots and pretty brocade blouse and nice red top coat. ohhh well the best laid plans ect...