Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23, 2007

yeaaaa i got to go out dressed 2 days in a row!  i wore the same outfit as yesterday accept a different brocade blouse.
today i went to drop off a gift to the lady who styles my hair at the wig shop/beauty supply but..., she was at her other job at cosmetics at lord and Taylor. this was just fine with me as i have wanted to go to this smaller non mall L & T in the neighboring town dressed as Diana. she introduced me to several of her friends who treated me as any other woman customer or friend which felt great!
next onto k-mart to return stuff for my other self and buy a few unmentionables for myself!
and finally onto Rubie Tuesday restaurant for take out since i had to bring dinner home to my dad.
aside from the drizzle and the momentary power outage at k mart it was a great day.

just an additional note here if anyone lives or travels near linden new jersey , Nancy's lingerie shop is wonderful she is very down to earth and helpful and has many toys for sale as well .

once again i want to wish everyone
a very merry christmas!

hugs to all

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