Friday, July 25, 2014

a crazy 2 weeks july 25th 2014

not much to write about in diana land as there hasn't been to much time to be diana since my dad  (89) fell 2 weeks ago and broke his dextro humorius ( upper right arm near the shoulder). the poor guy is soooo right handed so that it has effected his confidence in his balance. so i have haried a college guy up the street  to help me guide my dad from the bed to the chair.

as if that isn't enough the top of the gas stove just sort of crumbled yesterday.
so i had to call and order another stove.

in the middle of all this the neighbor's main water valve broke off in his hand creating a gueiser. requiring a call the the water co to shut off the main valve . next the fire dept arrived to pump out the basement which now had calf deep water.

so anyone reading can see why i have had no diana time.