Monday, September 21, 2015

sunbathing on a piecefull sunday sept 20, 2015

the weather was sooooo beautiful herein nj with the humidity below 40% and cloudless blue skys almost like so. calf. weather. and since i already taken down and put away my pool for the season i decided to get some more use out of my newer bathing suit by sunbathing on the patio.

that and run some garden RR trains.

a beautiful day in nj to run trains.  the locals and the tourists were pulled by the Forney type engine past bird point! it looks as though they have brought some liquid refreshment in the keg car.

hope everyone else had such a lovely day!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

an interesting eveing at the local church fair sunday septumber 6, 2015

i am soooo excited i must share this with others. i went to the local Italian labor day fest at my church. and as i was sitting eating a family sat down next to me at one of the large community tables as it is like a carnival with rides and such. when i turned to glance to my right i started chatting with this family. who said i looked familiar. when i mentioned i had 2 selves their eyes lightened up and the child's mom's (yes that is correct plural) introduced me to their teen child who currently is male. suddenly the conversation changed to the transgender topic and it turns out their son is planning on transitioning. we had a great conversation till it was time to leave where we exchanged phone numbers for future info. this was sooooo cooool. smile emoticon it was the last thing i would have thought possible this evening as i had attempted to blend is as usual the photo shows what i had worn for the evening. a tiny bit dressy since it was a sunday evening.