Friday, December 31, 2010

May 14, 2011 -with the closing of yahoo blogs I am glad i switched to Blogger - blogspot

with the closing of Yahoo's  blogs and photos option i am glad i switched to Blogger! why does this sound like we heard this before?
those of you that were on yahoo 360 will remember that fiasco!

now i am very glad that my friend Kim Huddle suggested this.
i hated to have to cut and paste each entry all over again and only had the remainder of 6 months of 2010 to finish moving over.
i had originally moved it all to My Space but their addition of the apps and other newer feathers overlaid up the original just slowed it to a snails pace. I had also maintained a copy on yahoo pulse profile where the original blog was on their old yahoo 360. they allowed everyone to convert over to the newer pulse which just   wasn't the same.
but it was easier to cut and paste from the yahoo site than to work from the verrry slowed down My space site.

so here we ol' yahoo 360 er's are having a dejouvo moment!

hugs Diana 

Dec. 31, 2010 - the transgendered cousen (new found) and the year in retrospect.

first let me say i hope everyone had a good christmas. this can mean so much more than just the holiday itself as in "peace and good will to everyone" ( notice i didn't say "to their fellow man"  *giggle giggle*

next as we near the end of the year i though i had accomplished my goal of  going out in public  3/4 of the time. unfortunately i had divided using blond math and thought that was 225 days actually it should have been 270 days.
my inital goal was 1/2 the year which i did accomplish and have shared being transgendered with a lot more friends, famialy and new aquaintences than i ever expected to.
oh and just for the record i did reach the 225 days which had been a second goal ( actually i reached about 230 as of today) this included going to the pool in the next town 4-5 times this summer. they had never seen me as my male self, so dressed as diana was all they knew me as so that became the "norm".
this was a major jump from 1/3  the time in public of 148 days the previous year.

now the jucy info you've all been waiting for te he... my new found cousen.

while cleaning out my aunts house last year i found a packet dated 1993 of  a unknown child of a cousen to my dad and my aunt (dad's sister) on their  mother's side. and although he had moved being in the military i was able t get a snail mail address through another military friend. after getting an e mail back this summer i wrote to his father (my dad's first cousen) who sent me back a listing of his children and family and their lineage and yesterday as i read through the list a name change of one of the 3 male children in 2003 sprung out of the page (a male name to a female name) and "bingo" i had a genetic transgendered conection!
i couldn't wait to phone them tonight to conferm my thoughts and sure enough my dad's cousens child now a few years older than myself (53) has started to transition MtF with an official name change and a Dr. supervising!
it is such a relief to know this as now i know part of the transgendered genetic's in my famialy history! :-)
and to think if i hadn't scoured my aunts house looking for some info i knew she had on other famialy history i would have missed this connection! also if i had waited 6 months later the former military base had been at would have been fully closed so i wouldn't have known where they had moved to.

so it has been an interesting year! and i feel i have grown sooooo very much!
and with that i wish everyone a happy and healthy and peacefull (at least with in ourselves) new year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 5, 2010 - i have the flue! grrrrr

we first my dad had it on monday. then i got it mid week. even having had the flue shot it is a rouge strain! it starts with a sinis infection that will require an antibiotic and then it moves to the lower gi with the runs requiring some pepto-bismal.
the weird thing is this strain has all the flue symptoms ACCEPT a temp and doesn't come up as the flue on the nasal swap test
friends workingin in clinics say it is all over central nj. if caught in time  ( to avoid dehidratin) it last 4-5 days.
GREAT just what i wanted! waaaahhh

needless to say it has really cut into my diana time and given me some guilt about the amout of time being diana takes away from being around my dad. and although he helped me pull leaves out to the curb on sunday afternoon he is 85 non the less.  seeing him this much weaker with the flue has made me thing about all this.

now on the other hand as i have shared my being Diana with more and more people and the clock is allso ticking on my goal   of being diana at least  6 more days this year. This would accomplish my goal of having gone out in public 3/4 of the year as diana.

isn't it amazing how when one gets sick the old insecurities creep back in? and if it can't seem to shake my confidence  it hits upon my guilt feelings instead! playing upon my emotions of family longevity and mortality. Good Grief!