Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back to the pool aug. 24 2011

Diana at the pool
well i know it has been awhille since i wrote anything due to a combination of things.

also i know this is last years photo but since i went by myself it is hard to get someone to take the photo. also the town the pool is in is somewhat urban so it is challenging enough going to the pool being transgendered without asking one of the attendants to take my photo! today there were only 3-4 children in the pool and neither of their mom's spoke english so please excuse the use of last years photo. as i am wearing the same bathing suit as in the photo and it is the same pool.

first is that i had been about and about about 3/4 of the time till about april first when i started building a n scale suitcase train layout 3.5" x 2'. so up till that time i was to busy out in the world to write. also about that time a hacker broke into my other-selfs e mail address lis.t so after running a new anti-viris program and knowing that nothing else had gotten effected accept that one e mail address list i am now faced with the slowed down of my system with the up dates to both the anti viris program and the usual updates to windows. agggghhh
this sort of takes the fun out of going on line.
and as far as the train layout i have put 100% of my time plus into it with quite a few all nighters which has not left me any time for being diana aggghhh. it is sort of like working on one of those jig saw puzzels that you can't resist putting a piece in every time you walk by. the only diff is that i have to create the pieces as well LOL!
it has really been a "siren call to the rocks" because i know know that at 54 ( as of last sat the 20th of aug) i almost can't do the all nighters anymore!

and that brings me back to this blog entry
soooo with the summer waning away i decided i better get over to the pool in the next town to get a swim. i had invited my dad  and had he agreed to go i would have made the sacrifice to go as my male self dave but... since he turned me down .... i was able to go as diana!
oh what fun i actually got 2 laps in doing a back stroke to keep my hair/wig ( older spare) dry before they closed down for the evening. i wore my one piece maillot, black with rainbow stripes on the upper front area, along with a lacy jacket cover-up and of course pink flip-flops.
on my way back home i stopped at wendys for a late lunch of salad and chicken nuggets and tea unsweetened (must watch the girlish figure you know giggle giggle).

it makes it sooo much easier since my neighbors know about diana since i could go out to the car fully dressed as diana going to the pool without worrying who was going to see me. but i must admit the old caution is still there in the back of my mind as i gave a look around as i entered the car. *sigh* i don't think that will ever go away. * sigh*

between this and my birthday on saturday were i went to lunch with my dad and my aunt at the new location of willie Mc Brides in bridgewater nj. this was formally crians and is very good.
then sunday my best friend came over and we went to the local diner. so it was a very nice weekend.

accept on tue i had an appointment at the allergist to see if i was allergic to shrimp and fish since i had had a hives attack about 5 hours after eating shrimp the week or 2 before. luckily the test turned out neg. which is great news since i like shrimp but.. unfortunately the test was being done as the now famous east coast earthquake hit! as i said luckily it turned out neg.

hence why there have't been any log entries in awhile.
i must add a not of thanks here to my friend Kim H. for somewhat convincing me to check out blog spot . and even though i hated cutting and paistin once again my entire blog  ... i am grateful for  moving everything over as now yahoo profiles are closing out the blog feature.  so all my notes would have been lost.
THANK YOU again Kim H!