Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007A & B

thought you'd all like to see a couple of my bathing suites he he.
this'll need to be done over 2 blogs as i can't figure out how to put up 2 photos in the same blog date.

i am sort of lucky in that i was born with a large birthmark on my left hip which surgery at age 5 couldn't fully remove. it really can't be seen even as my other self even in male bathing suits but,... it actually forms a female looking hip on my left side.

here's the second bathing suit i mentioned.

i have also figured out why i like summer so much as my other self. one reason is that i can wear very short shorts (tennis length) which show off my legs and i can pretend they are a short skirt even in boy mode. he he aside from the fact that i am not dragging a heavy top coat everywhere.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007

yesterday i decided to take off and go to my favorite beach. I ended up going as my otherself but on the way home after dinner i dressed as diana. i just wore the white spagatti strap camasole and and white jeans skirt with peds and strapy sandels.
on the way home i stopped at the rest stop on the parkway for some snacks. i heard a comment from one of the young girls on the long checkout line to another on line but no one else seemed to notice as it was late evening.
the next stop was to the food store (one i hadn't been to of a major chain) for some juice since i am comming down with a cold. this turned out to be not a greaat experance . i had also compared lipstick to the color in my purse after choosing and finding the same brand and number i returned it to my purse which some how got misconstruded as stolen! so at the checkout after paying the manager or plainclothes security person stopped me with the accuzationn. i explained and showed him it was quite used. he looked dubious about this and couldn't understand why i need to compare the brand and color! proceeding to compare the bar codes for a $2.00 lipstick that was mine bought at another major store! at 50 i certently would not steal a $2.00 lipstick. so obviously he had tracked me accrossed the entire store from the moment i entered. anyway it ended well as there was nothing else said and i went on my way after some idel chit chat about other occurances in the world. He and the casher continued to chat and make comments in front of me about the previous forgein customer that came through the check out before me.
i have calmly written out my story and after reading it the nexd day e mailed it to the corperate headquaters! before i name the store and location to avoid in nj i will see what corprate says first! i reminded them of the new law against discrimnating against the transgendered in public stores and resterants that went into effect in june and that no other store has treated me this way also that i will not be going back to that location and will spread the word amongst our comunity. so we shall see. i'll keep you posted and later today i'll try to show you what i wore to the store (it blended in and wasn't outlandish)
otherwise it was a beautifull day seeing many old friends of the locals on the beach!

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007

Did anyone hear on the news today about the bank robber who disguised himself as a cd? (for a larger individual he looked pretty passable)
It's not hard enough trying to gain acceptance as a transgendered individual now we have to deal with those who would discredit us as well! Agh! since 9/11 we have had to try to not be missunderstood as a perhaps disguised terrist and now a new concern to not be missunderstood as a robber. Agh!
at least those interviewed on the news said that the few cd's they had seen kept to themselves and they didn't think that the robber was even a real cd!

Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007 my birthday!

well here it is my birthday today! i'll try to update everyone on the last 2 days i spent as diana!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007

today i wore my thin floral skirt, 1/2 slip , white lace trimed T shirt peds and the white strapy sandels and went to the dignity church meeting unfortunately i got there to late and missed them sooo.... i went to staples (ladies room stop  ) and onto the good will store. since i was getting hungry i ended up at Ruby tuesday's resterant for a burger. then onto walmart and ended up buying womans shorts. wouldn't you know it they had a waist clip missing and since they were the only pair left i went the courtisy counter. the lady at the counter had been a neighbor in growing up on my street. but i had learned my lesson at the pride film fest neighborhood picnic when i bumped into someone i knew (he was gay but only knew me as my other self and we have several mutual friends but he wouldn't have recognized me if i hadn't commented on the situation)
and this time didn't make the connnection for her he heand still got 10% off. they will have to go to my wounderfull tailor anyway (who knows of both selves) to be shortened  to a tennis shorts length ( i wear this length as my other self too all sumer) to better show off my legs he he
otherwise it was a wounderfull 6 hours inspite of the drissel.

Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007

i promised to tell about the 2 days before my birthday. today fri. i wore my white jeans skirt and the white camisole spaghetti strap shirt with my white strapy sandals (cubby cobblers - very comfey with peds. i went to Mandys dress store and tried on a beautifull fusia camasole shirt accept their large is other stores small! next off to wallmart and tried on womans shorts and more camasole shirts. Then i went to Kohels store and tried on shorts, and mallot bathing suits as well as exchanged shorts for my other self. i ended up buying 1 womans short, and the black with small rainbow stripes mallot bathing suit. yea!

i only had to change due to a stop at the local railroad shop and the owner who stays open late (until the last customer leaves usually after midnight) only knows me as my other self.

Fianally before changing i went over to friendlies ice cream walk up window for a cone. ( i an't resist ice cream in the summer he he)  

Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11, 2007

today i went to the new jersey pride bowling league's annual picnic (no mater that i don't bowl ha ha) I got to wear my new peach colored "T", my white jeans skirt and my strapy sandels.
It was a beautiful day here in the 70's - 80's with perfect blue cloudless skys. (like being in southern california. he he giggle my favorite weather)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 09, 2007

we have come full circle with mail order
today i had to deal with a company that has had to revert back from on line ordering to requiring a real check sent in the mail ha ha
this is almost as good as the atm machine that had a rock holding down the deposit slips. as advanced as we have become in technology... yet we still keep ending up back at the basics.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 05, 2007

well i finally got to go out as Diana as it was in the high 70's today. i wore the white "t" trimmed in lace and the white jeans skirt with the strapy flat shoes and peds (no stockings needed since i have been keeping my legs shaved this summer)  to the dignity gathering. unfortunately i got there to late as they were leaving. (i am usually late for the church service part of it due to sunday afternoon dinner with the family) so after i stopped at staples for some note pads i changed my shirt to the white spaghetti strap cotton camisole type shirt and continued with more shopping stops!
next stop was home depot for some brackets and then on to walmart which was out of everything i needed accept for the MacDonald's sandwich i got. so next it was back in the car to another walmart closer to home. there they finally got in most of what i wanted. i did try on another camisole-shirt but they didn't have the color i wanted agh. and the woman's shorts i tried in both walmarts were cut wrong or had guys direction of flys on the zippers. (note to manufactures if i wanted guys style flys on the zipper i wouldn't need to buy woman's shorts or bother dressing as Diana! LOL)
anyway i did end up buying some white golf type shirts for my other self that they were out of the last 2 trips to walmart. (my neighbors say it's my summer uniform white golf shirts and tan tennis length shorts LOL)
although i have been slowly converting my wardrobe over to woman's cloths it's not that easy even with all the choices that woman get. it's never in my size 18 which is 1x. (does the whole world revolve around size 4-5? LOL)

i have started using the shick intuition woman's shower razor with the soap and moisturizer built in on my legs. this is a great product as long as you use it in the shower only under running water. (i got razor burn when trying it on my face with water only splashed on it) it really does last the 2-3 days that they say on the box. it makes my legs feel woooonderful! of course i still use Vaseline creamy after the shower as a moisturizer he he.

although i am not planning to transition it seems at times like i am anyway in that 99% of the time i wear satin nighties to bed and i have been keeping my legs shaved and my finger and toe nails with a pale pink polish right through this summer even as my other self. (in spite of wearing shorts most of the time even during work and the few times at a cousins township pool) but so far i have only averaged about 5-8 days per month that i get to chance to dress during the day. due to the 20 mins (yes i have perfected it that close) clothes change in both directions out and on the way home and makeup ect. (nails at least remain saving some time) so i need a block of about 3-4 hours to make it worth while. which takes away time from work and the little bit of family i have left. (Dad, since mom passed on last Nov.) as well as other perhaps more productive hobbies and interests. ( antique cars, ballroom swing dancing, toy trains, maybe some dates with gg's , the beach ect.) i guess the world in general is evolving anyway.
Diana has been patient enough to remember to keep a balance or she too would end up as only half a person. that is the balance we cd's walk!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 01, 2007

well here it is august and i haven't had a chance to dress since the middle of july. not that i haven't wanted to but... to many other summer things to do. giggle (i'm in a giggley mood today giggle giggle)
on another note i found out wet and wild nail polish changed their 472B pink nail polish to a tan agh... isn't that allways the way you find something you like and the manufactures discontinue it or change the design of it. it 's like a consperacy to get us to blindly by more. it's just to much for my blond hair to figure out! Giggle giggle.