Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 05, 2007

well i finally got to go out as Diana as it was in the high 70's today. i wore the white "t" trimmed in lace and the white jeans skirt with the strapy flat shoes and peds (no stockings needed since i have been keeping my legs shaved this summer)  to the dignity gathering. unfortunately i got there to late as they were leaving. (i am usually late for the church service part of it due to sunday afternoon dinner with the family) so after i stopped at staples for some note pads i changed my shirt to the white spaghetti strap cotton camisole type shirt and continued with more shopping stops!
next stop was home depot for some brackets and then on to walmart which was out of everything i needed accept for the MacDonald's sandwich i got. so next it was back in the car to another walmart closer to home. there they finally got in most of what i wanted. i did try on another camisole-shirt but they didn't have the color i wanted agh. and the woman's shorts i tried in both walmarts were cut wrong or had guys direction of flys on the zippers. (note to manufactures if i wanted guys style flys on the zipper i wouldn't need to buy woman's shorts or bother dressing as Diana! LOL)
anyway i did end up buying some white golf type shirts for my other self that they were out of the last 2 trips to walmart. (my neighbors say it's my summer uniform white golf shirts and tan tennis length shorts LOL)
although i have been slowly converting my wardrobe over to woman's cloths it's not that easy even with all the choices that woman get. it's never in my size 18 which is 1x. (does the whole world revolve around size 4-5? LOL)

i have started using the shick intuition woman's shower razor with the soap and moisturizer built in on my legs. this is a great product as long as you use it in the shower only under running water. (i got razor burn when trying it on my face with water only splashed on it) it really does last the 2-3 days that they say on the box. it makes my legs feel woooonderful! of course i still use Vaseline creamy after the shower as a moisturizer he he.

although i am not planning to transition it seems at times like i am anyway in that 99% of the time i wear satin nighties to bed and i have been keeping my legs shaved and my finger and toe nails with a pale pink polish right through this summer even as my other self. (in spite of wearing shorts most of the time even during work and the few times at a cousins township pool) but so far i have only averaged about 5-8 days per month that i get to chance to dress during the day. due to the 20 mins (yes i have perfected it that close) clothes change in both directions out and on the way home and makeup ect. (nails at least remain saving some time) so i need a block of about 3-4 hours to make it worth while. which takes away time from work and the little bit of family i have left. (Dad, since mom passed on last Nov.) as well as other perhaps more productive hobbies and interests. ( antique cars, ballroom swing dancing, toy trains, maybe some dates with gg's , the beach ect.) i guess the world in general is evolving anyway.
Diana has been patient enough to remember to keep a balance or she too would end up as only half a person. that is the balance we cd's walk!

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