Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007A & B

thought you'd all like to see a couple of my bathing suites he he.
this'll need to be done over 2 blogs as i can't figure out how to put up 2 photos in the same blog date.

i am sort of lucky in that i was born with a large birthmark on my left hip which surgery at age 5 couldn't fully remove. it really can't be seen even as my other self even in male bathing suits but,... it actually forms a female looking hip on my left side.

here's the second bathing suit i mentioned.

i have also figured out why i like summer so much as my other self. one reason is that i can wear very short shorts (tennis length) which show off my legs and i can pretend they are a short skirt even in boy mode. he he aside from the fact that i am not dragging a heavy top coat everywhere.

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