Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

hi everyone i have been working sooo hard over this last week to help clean up and out my deceased aunts house (mostly 12-14 hour days) that i haven't had any energy left over to be Diana.  and i certainly don't want to get diana's close dirty or smelly. giggle giggle.
so it really feels wonderful after my evening shower to slip into my pink flannel lined/satin nightgown with matching pink satin panties and slip into bed. 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12, 2008

well the last few days have been kind of rough as another relative has passed on. this time my 92 year old aunt. it made it a bit harder since her religion doesn't use Dr.'s that delayed things about 24 hrs while the med. exam. signed off on everything. she didn't have any children and my uncle passed 9yrs ago.

this is the 3rd relative in 1-1/2 years. as another uncle passed on in July and of course my mom about a year go.

I know god has given me the courage to help my dad and his other sister (it was her husband that passed in July w/o children with all the arrangements.

Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7, 2008

well today i got back my woman's dark blue reverse fly slax from the tailor. i immediately changed into them before leaving the shop.

finally i can make my other self dress fully in woman's clothes (accept for the hair) when not in Diana mode in dresses and skirts. giggle giggle

it felt wonderful ahhhhh since i had worn my new blue and white stripe blouse into the tailor shop along with my woman's penny loafers.

i usually wear a sweater vest throughout the winter which basically covers the outline of the undies  and some of the reverse buttons and shape of the blouse (some compromise is needed to blend in for work even thought i am self employed)
also i still am wearing the pale pink nail polish and have found that i can wear makeup accept without lipstick without any comments so far.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6, 2008

today although i wore basicaly the same outfit as it has been cold here so the maroon leather skirt and boots and long red dress coat keep the chill out.

i headed out to the dignity church meeting which i arrived at to late aggghhhh but ... i ended up stopping at staples store and although they didn't have what i wanted i ended up greatfully using their restroom. next since i was hungry and headed later to a ballroom dance in drab i decided to stop at a new 5-guys hambergers resterant. this are a great place i have been to others and they use fresh meat done your way and they cut fresh french fries bathed in water and then fried in peanut oil because of the water the oil doesn't sink in . the only problem is if you are allergic to peanuts as they have big barolls of them. also their menu is veeerrryyy limited as their franshise ony allows them to sell afew items soooo they don't have coffee but many locations do have brewed ice tea. the onwers seem to be very strict with the help on clea.nlyness.

this was a short outing as diana but at least i got out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008

once again i managed to get out for a few hours as diana using the same outfit accept a diffenent blouse. wow 2 days in a row yeeeaaaa!
i feel i am really starting the new year off right as diana!

i went to drop off a couple late xmas gifts to the owner of the sommerville lingere shop and the owner of "incogneeto vintage clothing" vintage clothing store also in sommerville nj. this is a great shop for those of you looking for vintage clothing. but if you go in p;ease only try on what you actually are planning to buy as the owner works very hard to keep a nicly stocked shop of vintage wear and is very open and supportive of those of us who are transgendered. she even has a web site www.neetorama.com

next i went over to the bridgewater mall to raido shack to replace a cdplayers ac adapter and then ove r to macy's to get an extra silacon protheese which i found they don't have , next i went to nathen's at the food court to get a bite to eat.

as i headed home i ended up stopping at target to return 2 smaller blouses which i replaced for to larger oversize since they are 100% cotton and finally to walmart to get a replacement cd player gift to replace my aunts defective xmas gift.

it was a great afternoon. ahhhhh so many stores and to so little time as diana to shop in all of them. giggle giggle


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008

happy new year!

i managed to get a few hours to get dressed and go out shoppping as diana. yeeeeaaaa!
i used the same outfit with a diff. white blouse.
as i mentioned yesterday the old superstition says that what you do on new years day you will do the rest of the year. so keeping that in mind along with getting dressed as diana and going shopping ... i think that means that hopefully i'lll get to dress as diana this year. 

it's interesting to note that as a child growing up one of the things i liked about winter was using chap stick on my lips i used to pretend that it was lipstick!
also on famialy trips i loved caring a camera because i used to pretend it was a purse.

i had the blouse to return to target and although it was the right size it was cut small i found out they have the same blouse in the plus size womans racks. so i bought a couple. next onto walmart to check out a replacement portable cd player. finally on to cvs for some cotten pads for removing makup.

once again i hope you have a happy new year!