Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

as i mentioned i am over due to show off some new photos.

just thought i'd show off my new lavender velveteen skirt (sorry it is hard to see in the photo ) while shopping at walmart!
since it's still chilly out i wore my black leather blazer too. this is one i had the tailor cut back the lapels and collar on. he is a magician! this jacket doesnt have buttons only a belt but it is almost knee lenght so it was helpfull with the wind gusts we have been having in central nj.

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    March 20, 2009

    Happy spring everybody!

    hope everyone had a good st Patricks day! 
    i took my aunt and dad out for lunch to a great resterant called O'Conners in somerset nj. this is a 1790's farm house with it's originaal barns and out buildings that are now used for office space. even at lunch time they had a band and some pippers and the step dancers. who ranged in age from 1st grade to high school they were good and the littlest one s were soooo cute. i love the curly hair falls they attach to their hair and the beautyfull outfits with the gold trim.

    i haven't had much time to enter any blog notes as i was able to go out shoppping as Diana about 8 times in january and 12 ( a new record high)  in febuary. yeeeeaaaa!

    during that time i have had some nice complements from gg's while shopping. one from a minaster who told me she liked my hair!
    even as diana i converse easly (actually as both selves - i think actually it's part of being half of the "silver tounged" Irish heritage) 
    it feels wonderful to be so accepted into gg "girl chat" it makes e feel wonderfull! 
    anyway i'll share with rou the adventures of the last day or so.

    the day before last i stopped t o get milk and a few supplies at stop and shop as well as ording a book at borders books store. i had worn my green wool a nice white blouse a black leather blazer (since it somewhat warmed up a bit here) and a pair of black pumps. whell i got back home still as diana since it was 11 pm and luckly removed my shoes and leather jacket having put on a pair of satin "dear foam " slippers and proceeded to start putting away the food from the store as i went to put the second 1/2 gal of milk...... i hit the enge of the shelf..... and yep you guesed it , it landed on the floor aaaahhhhhh the sealed top poped off flying accros the floor and of course the bottle tipped over and dumping 3/4 of the bottle creating a milky" pond" in the center of the kitchen. that milk went every where! it even splashed up 3 shelves high in the open refergerator as well as splashing up my legs, onto my wool skirt and creating smaller pools inside my slippers!  for a min i didn't know where to start cleaning up first.
    after mopping up the floor , rinceing the entrance throw rug, throwing the slippers in the wash tossing the panty hose (a run had started from my rings in the rest room earlier anyway ) and a seperate wash load of all my other clothes (accept the skirt which went to the cleaners first thing and the rug went to the local 1 day laundry). and finally a shower just to wash off the milk!
    i finally got to bed at 3 am! and just to add insult to injury the next morning i found the breast forms still laying on the coumputer desk next to the washer where i am sure my dad noticed when doing his wash this morning and hopefully just thought of them as some sort of work project since this is allso the shop area for my work. oh well!

    anyway after taking my dad and aunt out for yesterday for his birthday (which is really today the first day of spring) it just gave me an excuse to get dressed as diana again and go back to stop and shop for more milk. which i mannaged to put away properly this time. 

    in looking back at least the milk these days in my areaof usa comes in in plastic jugs so at least i didn't have broken glass to clean up.
    and i hear in the old days the very wealthy roylity actually took milk baths for their complection.

    by today it seems kind of humorious (and a bit sad when i think of those who would give anyting for that milk in parts of the world where they can't just go out and buy more).

    but it ended well and i actually got chance to try out my new lavender swade skirt (which i found needs a accesory liner or a slip since it tends to kling to my stockings but then again that is another story.

    sorry i don't have any new photos i never seem to have anyone to take them for me.

    once again happy spring!