Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, Palm Sunday/ Easter 2011

I am posting this entry late in mid may due to the fact that i have been moving all my old my space entires over to Blogspot. i have finally finished .
this is the second time i have painfully cut and pasted each entry one at a time to a new blog host site.
previously i had moved them from yahoo to my space till they jammed their site with new applications so now once again i have moved this time here.

anyway i wanted to share my palm sunday events with everyone.

on the first and 3rd sundays of each month the Dignity GLBT catholic church group- metro chapter holds their church service/Mass  in a loaned space in a Episcopal church in the late afternoon due to the views of the hierarchy of the catholic church. we manage to get a variety of priests.

as i left for the mass my dad asked to see my outfit with my hair!
this was a major easter gift for me from both dad and the powers above as dad has only recently been introduced to diana (rather me as Diana) just before Christmas.
all he said was "WOW" what a difference the hair makes! *giggle giggle*
he loved the outfit and thought it was really pretty! especially the white shoes.

This was the first time since i had bought the shoes about 4 years ago tha ti had worn them they are white pumps. unfortunately the coating on the shoes was starting to break down and this would be the last wearing of them. all dad says is " you need to go out and buy another pair of them. * giggle giggle*

it was drizzling (like it has done for the last several weeks here in nj) so i got to also wear my pink rain coat.
i have gotten soooo many compliments on this color rain coat that i have been wearing it ever since due to the unusual ongoing drizzle

i attended the Mass and since the setting was so nice i asked if it was ok to get a photo in front of the alter (understand we only have about 7-10 attending including the priest).

at this point i must note to ignore the date on the photo my camera has decided to date all photos with this date *sigh*

Palm sunday at dignity mass 2011

after the church service /mass was done i stopped at my usual coffee/dinner spot at Manny's Texas Weiner/diner in Maplewood NJ. this is across the street from the whole foods and home depot shopping malls. they have great home made dinner specials each week like pot roast or lasgana ect. not just hot dogs!
one of the waitresses is the sister in-law of the greek owner. so you know the service is as good as the food. the owner has had this for over 30 years and has just bought the Steriling dinner in Sterling NJ so now they make their own deserts as well. ahhhh but i digress. I ordered the lasgana and had to take half of it home.
this place is only about a long block from the entrance to rt 78w

Mannys hotdog diner

Me at Manny's hotdog diner 4/17/11

as one can see from the menu board that is the regular menu not including the specials.

me at mannys Diner 4/17/11

this gives you a better look at the entire outfit including the white shoes that were starting to self destruct on the finish *sigh*
i loooove the look of this outfit. it had originally come with a pink matching shell blouse but i preferred
 the white embroidered one instead as it tied in with the white shoes and purse better.
when my friend Elaina of the look twice shop in Scotch Plains first suggest this outfit i hesitated due to the fact that it was a 16 petite i am a reg. but it fit so i bought it.
i have only gotten  to wear it once since i bought it as it is really a lightweight spring outfit.
it was bought about 3 years ago to wear to a monday after easter wedding at a civil ceremony in a neighboring town hall of an acquaintance of mine. unfortunately that year i had a break line go on my car on east evening and since dad didn't know of Diana in those days i could't borrow his car sooooo i didn't get to wear it. whoops i am digressing again sorry it is early in the morning when i am typing.

the next stop was to scotch wood dinner on rt 22 in scotch plains on the way home to pick up some take out pot roast for Dad as Mannys didn't have it on their specials today.

the interesting thing is that the waitresses at the Scotch wood have gotten to know me as Diana (they know Dave as well) and one allways wants to see my latest outfit!
as more places know both selves it has made it much much easier for me so that i don't have to look for those slowly disappearing phone booths to do the supper girl change. LOL
in fact for the most part i have been able to leave the house dressed as diana much of the time this whole spring . this again has made it much easier and has really saved me a lot of time as i can put on make up in about 15 min with good lighting maybe another 5min if i use mascara with out the worry of poking myself in the eye in the car.

after i got home (still dressed as diana hair and all) i of course snacked on some of the pot roast  as well while dad and i sat and discussed the days events over the dinning room table.

this was a truly great day and  even the drizzle let up for the afternoon!