Saturday, March 29, 2008

march 29, 2008

well by now i wounder if everyone has eaten the ears off their chocolete easter bunny? or do you eat the toes first? giggle giggle!

i have been meaning to share something this blond finally figured out. one needs to clean out not only their inbox in their 360 blog but also their sent box as well in order to respond to incoming messages. i was only cleaning out my inbox but i stil couldn't get reply messages to send as it said inbox full. then.... i figured out one must clean out the sent box as well to get the new messages to go through.

also it is interesting to note that on the few days i must wear male undies as well i now am starting to feel as if i am cding in reverse as if i were a FtM cd. because these days even if i can't wear the hair i have been able to wear femanine undies. and many times with femine slax , shirt and flat shoes. even as my other self. add to this a pink satin flannel nightgown. well you get the picture.... and hence why i feel as if i am cding in reverse when i wear male clothes. giggle giggle!

which reminds me (yawn) it's time to change into my flannel linned pink satin nightgown.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 23, 2008


with st pats day so close i think the leprechauns helped deliver Easter eggs LOL.
my dad and i and his sister went out for Easter to a restaurant called o' conners we had gone there on monday for st pats day . it is an old farm setting in Somerset NJ from the 1700's so it was nice.

the interesting thing is that since i went as my other self i had to stop and think what to wear for underwear. i hated not being able to wear satin panties and panty hose but i really hated not being able to wear my new pink Easter outfit. as i sat at the restaurant i imagined what it would be like to have had that new outfit on. oh well.

as i look back when on family vacations, even though cameras and photography are amongst my hobbies, i allways loved carrying a slr camera on my shoulder mainly because it felt like a shoulder bag or purse!
i also have always loved wearing short tennis length shorts as they allow me to show off my legs and sort of feel like a short skirt.
one of the very few things i enjoyed about winter was being able to carry and use chap stick which i used to imagine was lipstick.

sorry i digressed sort of a blond moment gigle giggle

the only negative thing that happened on easter, as i left my aunts driveway heading home, is i had a brake line go on my car sooo i called and waited for AAA to take the car to my neighbors shop. the tow truck driver drove us home since it was on his way back to the highway.
so much for attending a friends wedding in town hall in plainfield on monday at 1pm. agghhh.

anyway i want to share with you the outfit i am not going to get to wear tomorrow at my friends wedding.
on the other hand.... it is a good thing it didn't happen on my way dressed to the event. giggle giggle
anyway hope everyone had a nice Easter!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22, 2008

today was a great day i mannaged to get dressed late in the day and of course went shopping . i ws looking for an 3/4 length all weather coat.
first i checked out dsw shoes for pink to wear whti the new pink suit. no luck in my size 10-1/2
onto i went to salvation army and bingo i found a pink allweather coat.
next onto k mart to return some sneakers and bought a pink scarf, a pink small umbrellia and some lipstick.
nextstop the food store to get some milk and onto the beauty supply for another pink scarf and finallly to five guy hambergers for take out.
the interesting thing is that in most cases i feel sooo natural that now one even looked up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

First off i want to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!
well i was planing to go out shopping for an easter type pink or mauve suit yesterday till the front end rattle from yesterday got more promonant. so off accross town to my neighbors' auto repair shop where he found a cracked /broken anti- sway bar on the front end on my buick. after he finishied repairing it and the ox. sensor i still had enough time today to go shopping.

so i got dressed as diana in my green skirt and white blouse and went back to the "look twice" consignment shop in the middle of my town where i introduced myself as diana a couple days ago.
i told the owner i needed a pink or mauve easter type suit for easter monday ( the date of my friend from k mart 's wedding at town hall.) and low and behold she pulled out a salmon/ pink 3 piece suit! yeaaaa! it has a pink skirt , a pink shell top and a shear floral "jacket". it looks wounderful with eather a white blouse or it's salmon/pink shell top. i lucked out as although it said petite it fit. yeaaa!  it fit so well that i hated to take it off and change back to the outfit i came in with.
the owner also said that since she has seen both selves that i looked better as a female and that i was very natural looking! it doesn't get any better than that!
you'll just have to wait till i get a moment to take photos giggle giggle!
of course after buying the pink outfit (by the way it is brand new and was only 29.00 what a bargin) i thought i might get pink undies  to go with it but sears was out of my favorite series in pink grrrr. so nest onto dsw shoe warehouse in watchung nj to look for a pair of pink dressy shoes but allas alack there doesn't seem to be any dressy pink shoes out this year. LOL
finally i was getting hungery and since it was spagitti night at home .... i decided to call it an early night.

one think i didn't get chance to post yesterday was i found an almost clear or very pale pink by loerial #857 dune this way i can make my other self wear lip stick along with the light make up and blush when i have him wearing male looking but female shirts and pants. giggle giggle i'd rather wear nice skirts and skirt suits but i have to compromise once in awhile. giggle giggle


Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16, 2008


i wanted to share a photo of me in k mart. the easter flowers were soooo pretty  i asked my friend the ast. manager to take my photo. he has just informed my that he is so excited because he and his partner have just gotten engaged! i am soooo happy for him.

as you can see i wore my green valore suit with the irish green embroydery on the front. thsi is one of my favorite suits 
so off i went to my dignity church meeting arriveing just as everyone was leaving. agghhh
nest i stopped at the good will store. i am lookeing for a pretty pink or mauve or purple suit or dress. didn't find anything.
so since i was hungery i moved on to ruby tuesdays resterant. where i ordered the crabcake (they have great crabcakes with real lump crabmeat)
and wouldn't you know it as i am sitting there a customer i know and his wife end up sitting at the next table in my line of vision. but i have learned if i don' t tell them they usually don't recognise me he he 
fianally onto k mart and the above photo.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008

yea! i got to be Diana for most of the Day!
changed at my deceased aunts house (hoped no Realtors showed up) 

decided to do another first. yesterday i had talked to the owner of the woman's used clothing store in my town whom i bump into every so often in town. i mentioned to her that although i really do have a gg friend that really is a size "0" that i occasionally look for clothes for i had another reason for shopping for size 16 and showed her my nails and then a photo of Diana. she mentioned she had quite a few size 16's in the storage area of her shop if i came in the next day on sat.
so ... today i dressed in my mauve sweater and green plaid skirt with black pumps and my black leather blazer and walked into her shop. unfortunately it was 15min to closing but i did go in (as it is right on the corner of my town so as self assured as i am it is still a challenge for me to go as Diana downtown in my small town!) also a bit awe inspiring as she is a gorgeous (but married) blond with long hair who dresses immaculately. well she was stunned! so were her helpers. she said i looked fabulous and took a photo to show another cd customer. 

from there i had errands to do so down the highway first a stop at McDonald's for a late lunch, next to Lowe's to get another window latch and some hardware gifts for dad's birthday (drill bits and sawzall blades to replace the ones i wore out giggle giggle). then turn around and back to home depot for a gift certificate for my neighbors birthday form last week.but before i went into home depot i got sidetracked in that mall by you guessed it 3 woman's clothing stores and a larger dollar store giggle giggle  these included ashely stuaret 14-20 sizes but not the right styles or colors. next door was dress barn much nicer stuff with a very nicely dressed gg clerk with get this the same name as me giggle giggle she was mature but very cute and nice. i found a beautiful pink Swed jacket but not a suit and 1 size to big. oh well... onto Catherine's plus sizes but here sizes start at 14w meaning fuller cuts in woman's but not in regular. in between i went into the large dollar store and was surprised to see that they carried musical instruments like accordions and wind instruments. unfortunately low quality, of which destroys the market for good used musical instruments.
by this time it was time to pick up some dinner for me and dad so off to my local 5 guys franchise where i debated outside to go in as Diana or change . well Diana won out. giggle giggle
the interesting thing is not only has it become normal to me to go in everywhere as Diana no one even bated an eye. if they look at me i smile and nod my head.

to all the girls who have never gone out i recommend starting out slow. shop as i did in a neighborhood news paper store in the next town for a newspaper. then build to the malls and build your confidence. confidence in a few store owners helps too. but remember to keep it in your comfort zone only.


Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

well i haven't been able to dress as Diana , not even in masculine form (slax and shirt), all week aggghhh and it is driving me crazy! as usual i have been doing for everyone else. now i know how the gg mom's feel sacrificing themselves for their family! i guess it seems that to be Diana dressed classy to the nines means ether my family or my business suffers or being Diana suffers. again aaaggghhhh.
oh well such is life. so far today i have managed a masculine form of Diana (woman's shirt and slax but as Diana i don't like slax as it doesn't make me feel feminine) oh to just achieve a balance.... and if the world would only be more accepting of us... but again as with all things, evolution is still one day at a time and one foot in front of the other.

on other topics... i heard that the leprechauns  have agreed to help the Easter bunny deliver eggs this year since st. pats day  (i am half Irish/half German heritage) falls between palm Sunday and Easter. i wounder if there is any chance they will get mixed up with their pot of gold. hmmm that would be great to get gold coins mixed in with my Easter egg and chocolate in my Easter basket this year. especially with gold going at about $1000.00 per troy ounce in this tight economy. of course the leprechauns wouldn't be to happy with eggs mixed into their stash of their pot of gold. giggle giggle
also my dad's birthday is this week on the first day of spring on the 20th. so i will go from one party to another this week giggle giggle.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8, 2008

well it looks like i will have to go back to changing on the run routeen as we listed my aunts house yesterday with the realitor.
i can just see it now explaining what i am doing changing into diana as prospective buyers walked through the door . giggle giggle.
of course we had to have a mosoon type rain storm today as the first buyer came through the door. which ended up with water dripping in through the outside cellar door and depositing and inch of water on the floor of the cellar. aggghhhh.
i guess it just keeps life interesting. giggle giggle

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 4, 2008

I forgot to mention that although i dislike winter the one thing i do like about it is that as my other self i usually wear a pullover sweater vest which prety much hides the fact of wearing a bra. this and the need for long pants which allows me to wear pantyhose undetected.  so you can see winter has it's advantages for the transgendered. it took half the summer to get used to not wearing panty hose and now it took me half the fall to get used to wearing them again. giggle giggle
woops this is to much thinking for my little blond head. giggle giggle.

Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008

Today my male self tried to dispense with the female undergarments but.... after about 1 min without a bra  he felt uncomfortable giggle giggle and hence i have gotten him to progress so that he no longer feels comfortable in male undies giggle giggle yeaaaa! so since he was putting on a bra  and it is still cool out next came the spaghetti strap satin camisole and if he was putting on the top clothing he might as well switch to the satin panties  and pantyhose too! wooo... for a minuet there i thought i was loosing my grip on him and the use of his body giggle giggle!
most days he feels more comfortable and complete in womans undies but it is interesting to note that he finds it easier to button womans reverse button shirts and blouses than mens shirts (and he is not left handed but can write lefty when needed).  it's as though he has have been buttoning that way his whole life giggle giggle. i do like sweater vests so that is my one consession and unfortunately i need more than the 3 shirts that i have, so little by little i will be replacing his shirts with womans shirts he'll never notice besides, now i know for sure, he doesn't have any choice giggle giggle!