Saturday, January 26, 2013

a tempory new hair style...january 2013

trying out a new hair style (at the food store) along with a recent new set of boots.

i have been quite concerned for awhile now as to what i was going to do for hair since the beauty supply rybina closed last year. as a cd this becomes a panic since that is how the public recognizes diana . 
i had gone from store to store and none of the beauty supplies could order the junee manhatten style wig for me. so i tried one more store in plainfield nj this time B & B beauty supply and bought this longer vanessa  to replace it with. thinking it will be good for the pool in the summer since it is longer and i can pull it up. also i found it can be styled with a low setting heated curling iron. ( which is a no no with most synthetic wigs or tey will frizz in heat and become junk) what i have since found out is that the wig cap inside is made of a heavier material ( vs the junee which is a mesh) so it will make it warmer  in the summer ugh. mean while in chatting with owner of the shop they offered to order my currend junee manhatten style.  YEA! and when it came it actually was just what i wanted. so i ordered a second. as i allways try to have at least 2 of the same on had at all times.
the interesting thing is that i had gone into the shop as dave carrying my org. wig in a bag. and 2 of the helpers saw me that way. when i went back to pick it up i was dressed in fem as diana and there was a 3rd worker there that day. ironically the newer worker refused to believe that i was a guy. LOL even after showing here my photo on my drivers license and with the other 2 workers vouching for my story . LOL she asked who that was and in my  best diana voice i said that was me. LOL LOL it wsn't till i went to the back of the store to try on the replacement wig that she believed me!
i have to say this is a great little shop they have GREAT prices on everything in the store wigs here are a LOT less than other shops alot like the previous ryubina shop.

anyway so here i am at the food store on a sat night getting used to the new wig. also the new boots i bought at dots store when i took back last years pair for a price adjustment. ( hay they set the policy... got em for less than a dollar since they had a store sale that day)  sort of a lost leader for them since i bought another pair while there.

on other matters we are still waiting our turn with our roofer to get a new front roof and canopy since storm sandy. and 2 houses in our neighborhood are being finished up as they have had to remove the top of the house and replace the second story. i still don't sleep well when the winds kick up to 60 MPH . hay one tree on a house in a lifetime is one to many!!!