Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007

no i didn't get to dress today it was to warm and this is my busy season at work but, i did get to read yesterdays (Sunday) star ledger news paper, and found a wonderful article in the accent section about NJ making the news with the new law which prevents discrimination against the transgendered. this just took effect. this is a wonderful step forward for the transgendered because it is now against the law for a business, apartment owner or employer to discriminate against us in NJ. yeaaa!! as the article mentions that as more people come out the more the public gets use to the transgendered which then makes it easier for others to be their other self's. i also saw that a friend of ours Barbra (Babs) Casbar, a political transgendered activist, was interviewed for her part in getting this bill put into law.
Thank you Babs

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17, 2007

here it is father's day (as my other self i am single and not a dad at this point), after dad and i had dinner and he opened his gift (innertubes for his 1930 antique car. it's been 30 years since we installed the last ones and 3 of them are have stem rot) then since we were just hanging out i decided to go to the dignity pride church meeting and mass. i got to wear the floral dress of last sunday in the park along with my new open toed heal strapped white 2 -1/2" pumps all of which felt wounderfull inspite of the warm day (90). next i stopped for dinner at ruby tuesdays resterant where i had a wounderfull crabcake dinner. next it was off to stop and shop for milk and then onto walmart to return the wrong color pantyhose and chat with the jewlery counter lady i know.
today was a wounderfull day it more than made up for yesterday.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

june 16, 2007

since i was feeling so euphoric with the wonderful week of dressing and since dressing in fem becomes an elixir which one wants more of he he i decided to go on some errends to an aquaintences shop to drop off some shoes that the owner wanted. ( a gg with larger feet) unfortunatly they had closed early agh and it was starting to drizzel as i walked around the block . so this eveing was a washout LOL. oh well. i wore basicly a simular outfit ( same skirt but a new white lace trimed t shirt).

Friday, June 15, 2007

june 15, 2007

as this was the closing of this years pride film fest and as in the past there was a small party, i decided to wear basically the same outfit as last evening: the floral skirt with the the new satin and lace 1/2 slip and the white lace trimmed shell blouse along with my new 3" open toed with heel strap shoes. Since it was a cool evening on the deck it felt wounderfull.
The interesting thing is that one of the younger members (late 20's) of the group was trying to understand our thoughts on being CD and transgendered. the only thing was he had to much wine so was having difficulty understanding and relating it to his being gay. at any rate i know i have progressed a long way in even just the last year since i could discuss being transgendered in an educated manor. what an opportunity to help educate the very group that has taken us under their umbrella. i felt truly honored to be able to do this as best as i could since all of us ( including the whole world ) is constantly evolving and since most of us as transgendered are still trying to fully understand ourselves yet i think I'm only at about 80% of understanding myself. Isn't the human mind a wondrous thing.
since it was 1am, i was once again able to enter the house as Diana which allso felt wounderful just like a gg. came in, changed for bed (yes a satin chamese) and removed my makeup just like any gg that came home from a garden party. ahhh how i hated to see the week end....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

june 14, 2007

well i thought i'd get to go to the last film tonight of the pride film fest but... i got done with work late and had another meeting to attend 1st and got out to late for the film. oh well... but i did get dressed in my new floral skirt and white blouse with the lace on it and go shopping. decided since the skirt is rather thin that i should go to k mart and pick up a 1/2 slip. found 2, one with plain and one with lace trim. so of course i had to have that one too. LOL ahhh satin and lace :-) also some new summer tan panty hose (4 to a box what a deal.) and some new blush and maybeline eyeliner ,since the sharpener kept breaking my previous one but, of course they were out of the dark blue eyeliner. so next i went to a nearby food store (which was allso out of it agh) then onto wallmart, also out of it finally, at the next food store i bought it. yeaaa so i guess i am all set for tomorrow nights closing party of the week long pride film fest. i hope to have time to wash this blouse and dry it before tomarow evening although i only wore the blouse for about 2 hours today and it was very cool out... on the way home i stopped to put on the satina and lace 1/2 slip. it felt wooounderfulll! especialy on such a cool spring evening.

ps i forgot to say thank you (must be my blond hair LOL) to all who viewed my page and sent it above 1000 viewers. It's intersting and surprising to me that that many people would view it in such a short time period
thank you again

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

june 13, 2007

well as the pride film fest is on all this week ... i got to dress for a few hours this evening in my coral scoop neck tee and white jeans skirt. yeaaa! then since i was dressed anyway i went shopping on the way home at walmart. Bought 2 white tees trimmed in lace at the neck line.
hence a wounderfull evening.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

june 10, 2007

Wow once again i got to dress 2 days in a row! Yeaaa! this was the second event for the pride film fest their picnic in the park. i got to wear my new floral dress which my magician Tailor shortened and altered a bit for me. even though the day was not hot it felt cool and wounder full. the only down side was that i bumped into an acquaintance friend of another friend who i couldn't ignore and sadly perhaps i mistakenly thought he recognized me it turned out he didn't but it was to late after i opened my mouth. although i asked it remain unknown I'm not sure that my request will be respected we will see. as the mutual friend he knows owns the house i stay at in the summer at the seashore in a very small town where only 2 people know Diana and everyone knows my other self. Agh.. but however it turns out .. it turns out. on other notes the weather was beautiful for the pride picnic. they even had a CD performer from Oregon (Eva i think is dong a show currently on Broadway NY she was very good very hard to tell.
then i went to walmart and found some new white opened toed shoes with heal straps and 2" heels to wear to the other evening film events at the local Plainfield NJ library each night this week. the down side is i have another event on Thur. as my other self at the same time so squeezing it all in will be interesting.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

june 9, 2007

I'm so excited I couldn't sleep. i just got home from this years pride film fest gala ball. in spite of yesterdays heat wave it cooled off enough tonight so that i got to wear my new black sparkly dress and open toed 3" heel shoes. it was a wonderful evening. I solved the dilemma of the broken figure nail by using a self stick nail. ( they only come in french polish sooo... i file sanded the polish off since it wouldn't come off with nail polish remover) and for every day wear i can just clear coat the entire stick on nail accept the tip which then looks like a natural nail! since i switched to red for the gala it didn't matter. the neatest part is my neighbors were asleep so i could walk in the front door as diana and change and remove makeup at home for a change sort of like a gg. yeaaa!
i forgot to mention the gala was held in a 1905 mansion in the next town from me. the ballroom was larger than my whole cape cod type house!! the interesting thing is that the film was called 20 centimeters a foreign film with subtitles somewhat a comedy about a transgendered persons struggles to transition. ironic since i got to go dressed as diana even if i am a cd that doesn't plan to transition. this was a glbt event but i believe i was the sol representative of the transgendered world as the majority seemed to be g or l. but it was good to see everyone since it has been a year since i saw some of these people so i could feel very comfortable dressed as diana. glad i got to wear the black sparkle dress and didn't have to go with something cooler but less fancy. slightly overdressed for the event but i had fun any way.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

July 07, 2007

hi all

i have great news yahoo was kind enough to reset my password after i locked myself out of my site. wew i was afraid i'd not be able to contact all my friends anymore.

i also must bring you up to date as i have been able to dress july 1st, 2nd,7th and yesterday july 8th. being blond i hardly remember what i wore. but i have been keeping my legs shaved so i haven't need stockings. instead i have used peds with my open toed strapy white flat shoes(i still feel only half dressed without panty hose) along with my white jeans skirt (above knee) and a veriaty of tee shirts in different pastell shades. although yesterday i got a bit daring and wore a spagetty strapped white shirt (although it did have a shelf linner)

thank you glyn and everyone else for your advice on getting back in.