Friday, December 31, 2010

May 14, 2011 -with the closing of yahoo blogs I am glad i switched to Blogger - blogspot

with the closing of Yahoo's  blogs and photos option i am glad i switched to Blogger! why does this sound like we heard this before?
those of you that were on yahoo 360 will remember that fiasco!

now i am very glad that my friend Kim Huddle suggested this.
i hated to have to cut and paste each entry all over again and only had the remainder of 6 months of 2010 to finish moving over.
i had originally moved it all to My Space but their addition of the apps and other newer feathers overlaid up the original just slowed it to a snails pace. I had also maintained a copy on yahoo pulse profile where the original blog was on their old yahoo 360. they allowed everyone to convert over to the newer pulse which just   wasn't the same.
but it was easier to cut and paste from the yahoo site than to work from the verrry slowed down My space site.

so here we ol' yahoo 360 er's are having a dejouvo moment!

hugs Diana 

Dec. 31, 2010 - the transgendered cousen (new found) and the year in retrospect.

first let me say i hope everyone had a good christmas. this can mean so much more than just the holiday itself as in "peace and good will to everyone" ( notice i didn't say "to their fellow man"  *giggle giggle*

next as we near the end of the year i though i had accomplished my goal of  going out in public  3/4 of the time. unfortunately i had divided using blond math and thought that was 225 days actually it should have been 270 days.
my inital goal was 1/2 the year which i did accomplish and have shared being transgendered with a lot more friends, famialy and new aquaintences than i ever expected to.
oh and just for the record i did reach the 225 days which had been a second goal ( actually i reached about 230 as of today) this included going to the pool in the next town 4-5 times this summer. they had never seen me as my male self, so dressed as diana was all they knew me as so that became the "norm".
this was a major jump from 1/3  the time in public of 148 days the previous year.

now the jucy info you've all been waiting for te he... my new found cousen.

while cleaning out my aunts house last year i found a packet dated 1993 of  a unknown child of a cousen to my dad and my aunt (dad's sister) on their  mother's side. and although he had moved being in the military i was able t get a snail mail address through another military friend. after getting an e mail back this summer i wrote to his father (my dad's first cousen) who sent me back a listing of his children and family and their lineage and yesterday as i read through the list a name change of one of the 3 male children in 2003 sprung out of the page (a male name to a female name) and "bingo" i had a genetic transgendered conection!
i couldn't wait to phone them tonight to conferm my thoughts and sure enough my dad's cousens child now a few years older than myself (53) has started to transition MtF with an official name change and a Dr. supervising!
it is such a relief to know this as now i know part of the transgendered genetic's in my famialy history! :-)
and to think if i hadn't scoured my aunts house looking for some info i knew she had on other famialy history i would have missed this connection! also if i had waited 6 months later the former military base had been at would have been fully closed so i wouldn't have known where they had moved to.

so it has been an interesting year! and i feel i have grown sooooo very much!
and with that i wish everyone a happy and healthy and peacefull (at least with in ourselves) new year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 5, 2010 - i have the flue! grrrrr

we first my dad had it on monday. then i got it mid week. even having had the flue shot it is a rouge strain! it starts with a sinis infection that will require an antibiotic and then it moves to the lower gi with the runs requiring some pepto-bismal.
the weird thing is this strain has all the flue symptoms ACCEPT a temp and doesn't come up as the flue on the nasal swap test
friends workingin in clinics say it is all over central nj. if caught in time  ( to avoid dehidratin) it last 4-5 days.
GREAT just what i wanted! waaaahhh

needless to say it has really cut into my diana time and given me some guilt about the amout of time being diana takes away from being around my dad. and although he helped me pull leaves out to the curb on sunday afternoon he is 85 non the less.  seeing him this much weaker with the flue has made me thing about all this.

now on the other hand as i have shared my being Diana with more and more people and the clock is allso ticking on my goal   of being diana at least  6 more days this year. This would accomplish my goal of having gone out in public 3/4 of the year as diana.

isn't it amazing how when one gets sick the old insecurities creep back in? and if it can't seem to shake my confidence  it hits upon my guilt feelings instead! playing upon my emotions of family longevity and mortality. Good Grief!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov.28, 2010 - thanksgiving thoughts

first i want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving.

i hope everyone had a good day shared with famialy and friends with enough food available along with a roof over their heads.
in spite of the usa finical crisis we still have allot to be thankful for. esspecially ef you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach.

i read an artical yesterday of a religious colomnist who said" don't ask for more stuff untill you give thanks and reflect on what you allready have!"

my dad, my aunt and i (as dave) ended up with last min reservation changes due to the financial crisis at charlie browns restaurant chain. the one we scheduled for in raritan nj near my aunt had closed without calling us to cancel our reservations (and without giving notice to their employees i heard)
lucky our local one in my town remained open and they very graciously moved our reservations for there. so in spite of the confusion and the snow/rain we at least had a very nice dinner. and although  the corperate seceratary  was not very accomadating when i mentioned that there isn't even a recording when one calles the closed locations... the assistant manager shelly went out on a limb for us . wow she even adapted my aunt as here own! by the end of the day i was calling here "cousen shelly" LOL

so the lesson to be learned is... even with the financial crisis please please please treat your costumers as if they were well loved family and personal friends  .


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov.16, 2010 - an interesting question asked by a medical assistant...

i had an interesting question from a medical assistant the other day when i went in (as my male self) for the annual follow up to some blood work.
upon seeing my nails she says "nice nails" and that they were nicer and longer than hers.

i replied "thank you that is for my other self, would you like to know more?"

i said " i am not transitioning - transgendered but don't worry i don't use illegal hormones and i am not gay" and "i am tired of hiding and i decided i won't hide it� anymore".

i offered to show her a photo and although she was impressed she asked as she was leaving the room... "Why do you dress" as if it were a choice.

and i answered " why is someone gay?"

she shrugged her shoulders indicating that she didn't know the answer and i said "exactly".


Monday, November 15, 2010

No. 15, 2010 = my 35th high school reunion

this past weekend on saturday nov. 13th i attended my 35th high school reunion (as my male self dave)

i can't believe it is the 35th reunion since my class has only done reunions by 10 years until this point.

of the almost 600 in the graduation class 160 attended! with about 24 deceased!

the GG gals in the class were worried how they would look in the photos and i said "just be glad you are not on the list (deceased ) out in the entrance to the event!
ironicly one name had to be removed as it was found that that person is still alive!

the party was supposed to end at 11:30 pm but the country club allowed us to remain n the lounge area until that closeed at 2 am the remaining people including yours truly left at 2:15ish am! (now remember i don't drink since i don't like the taste of alcohol so i was just hanging out with my ol' friends) lucky me i still only live accross town about 1-1/2 miles from the event!

i was soooo wired when i got home i could get to sleep . i think i finally dozed off at about 5am

the next morning on sunday some of us were meeting for brunch at the hotel restaurant where some of the people stayed.
now mind you breakfast ended at 11am so i dragged myself out of bed arriving over there at 10:15am
when i mentioned that i only had 4 hours of sleep one of the gals mentioned that she thought she only had about 40 mins of sleep! LOL

the person that got the award for coming the farthest to return to new Jersey now resides in Scotland! and another gal came from mexico! and many others came from all over the usa including calf.and new Hampshire.

after the brunch i went home and took a "nap" for 3 hours!
i know everyone had a good time and hated to go home.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct. 11, 2010 - whew another one of those close calls with a neighbor

whew another one of those close calls with a neighbor
well today was another one of "those days"!
i needed to return some make up to the Ultra beauty supply store near me in watchung square mall. elayne the manager whom i know was very good about this. as i realized that the mascara was not the one i needed since it contained rayon fibers. and as usual the company maybeline had discontinued the comb applicator in the model i liked. what else is new, anything i like, seems to allways get discontinued. no matter how many i stock up on. LOL

since i was allready accross the highway anyway with in the mall i though might as well go to home depo for the epoxy i needed. but as luck would have it i see my neighbor and his wife and son in the paint isle. agggghhhh panic. so i circle around to the next couple  isles over to the adhesives. find the contact cement and as i am looking for the 2 part epoxy the older gentleman next to me strikes up a conversation  and when i mentin  how i use the contact cement for clarinet tenon cork repair he tells me that he played as a child and wishes he had continued about this moment out of the corner of my eye i see my neighbor ( who doesn't know about diana but has a daughter who as a child wanted to be a boy) round the courner agghhhhh panic again! i excuse my self and turn heel and continue off in the other direction. now i still  have not found the 2 part epoxy i wanted yet! so i head to the return desk and pay for the contact cement. and circle back way at the other end of the isl and keep an eye posted on my neighbor. finally i give up and head out the entrance to my car but as i walk toward my car.... i realize he is parked 4 cars from me in the same row! and guess what.... he and his family have now appeared at their van. it was like something from a si-fi movie. good grief! now you have to understand i really really like this neighbor . if i were going to chose a family member t add to my family like a cousin i would choose him! but for his being a mechanic he is very sensitive and maintains a TMI policy (to much information not wanted policy) so i circle back around the lot and return into the building and look for my epoxy and after all that... they don't carry what i want!!!

as i head back to the car i see a sales rep whom i allso know from my music teacher customers and decided to introduce my diana side to . i explained that i am just plain tired of hiding my diana side and that although i am not transitioning i do consider myself transgendered. lucky for me she doesn't freak out and we chat for awhile till her manager wandered by.

from there it was off to wendys for a side salad and a few chicken chunks.

next to Kols' to touch base with a class mate who knows about diana and although she was off i eneded up wandering in the juniors area and foud a tunik blouse i really  liked that had been 30.00 now on sale for 19.00. but in my opionion it wasn't priced low enough to be cute enough to by yet. you see as things go low enough on sale i have found they seem to get much cuter! anyway i ended up chatting with one of the sales ladys i know who was very welcoming and glad to see me. almost made up for the previous confusion in home depo. LOL

the last stop was to pick up some milk and the newspaper at 7-11

by now it was 9pm and i still needed to go home and cook dinner!

hugs to all

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct.10, 2010 - lady Ellens fall fantisy fashion show

lady Ellens fall fantisy fashion show

i had such a great time at this event but since (as my other self ) i had also been the main speaker both sat and sunday at our towns big county historical society event  it will take me a week to rest up.
 i had stood for the most part for 5 hours both days from 12-5 pm showing off a vintage cyl record player and discussing the ragtime to jazz era and then i added standing in 3" heels on sat. night.... needless to say the balls of my feet had had it by the end of the evening.

all i can say is lady ellen and the group that put on the fashion show did a fabulous job!  about 150 people attended and the staff at the hilton in raritan center edison nj

where the event was held were great. it was soooo great to actually get to meet so many of the persons i have communicated with on line over the years. there were soooo many beautiful ladies and some FtM men as well along with their families and friends too.

i had run home after the historical society event at 5 30 pm grabbed some dinner, and a 10 min nap and quickly changed into y black beaded dress with the handkerchief points and rand out the door.
i had printed out a mapquest of how to get their via the local roads, brought along my trusty ol' hagstoms map and my gps system on my phone. everything went well until i got to the last traffic light about 100 yards from the hilton driveway when my gps system went blond on me. it told me to make a left at the light. when i did this it led me ak up on the local highway aggghhhhh. so close yet soooo far and now i was trying to find my way back to the hotel. now you must understand this was a former milatary base so who know what caused the gps to go astray. when i arrived in the parking lot from the other direction the navigation system said " recalculating route" instead of "you have arrived at your destination"

now i am about a half hour late but i did catch the second half of the fashion show.
i don't have photos of the show due to a request of no photos since there were some newer gals working the show.
the second half of the show outlined a gal from childhood to her wedding day.  where a FtM was the groom.

the ladies were all beautiful both in the show and in the audience.  one gal told me it was her first time out in public and let me tell you she had me fooled as i thought she went out in public all the time. she was rock star skinny and her make up was flawless!
(person on left in photo of 3)

also a group of GG's had sort of "crashed" the social hour after the event. and they also  wanted to be apart of the festivities.
one or 2 of my photos didn't record properly as i think i needed to change the batteries in the camera. sadly enough this was the one of me by my self.
needless to say i had a wonderful time. Lady Ellen and the fashion committee outdid themselves.
hugs to all

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 30, 2010 - the milestone! also back to the beach.

the milestone! also back to the beach.
well yesterday marked a milestone as it was the 180th day i went out this year as diana or rather it marks my going out dressed as diana 1/2 the days of the year.  this is the most i have ever gone out as diana in one year! yeaaaa! it has been a squeeze some months to squeeze in aprox. 19-20 days most months.
but my goal is still to make it to 3/4 days  this year so i'll keep everyone posted.
 and there were still a few more "first " as diana like the pool in the next town.

anyway today i returned to the beach at the south end of ocean grove.

and although it was late in the day (almost 4 :30) there was enough daylight left to put my feet in the water. it (the water) was surprisingly warm but if i went all the way in ... then due to the late hour in the day and season i might not have a place to change if the restrooms closed up early for the day. so i only went in to my ankles.
next i ate my now very late lunch (a sandwich)  and looked out over the water as the sun started to set over the land.

 after changing i ended up in conversation with a GG who informed me she had been an english teacher before she retired and asked about the slight hoarseness in my voice. i replied that i was just getting over a cold ( i actually was getting over a sinus infection from the previous week). the irony was she must have really thought i was a gg since she mentioned that she was looking that evening at an apartment to rent and if i ever needed a place to stay.... i didn't have the heart to tell here i was transgendered.

Next i  stopped to visit with a former neighbor friend in town. ( he has seen me on previous visits as diana) he now has a beautiful little cottage he bought right after his partner passed on.
since it was now a little after 10 pm  it was off to get a late dinner at clancy's resturant/bar

i had called my new friend Elizabeth earlier to see if she and her friends were going to Georgies. she called back and said they would look for me.
by the time i arrived it was about 11:20. the 4 of us sat chatting while listening to the koeroky music as they had allready sung 2 numbers as a group. the time passed quickly and since still had an hours ride home i said my goodbys about 12:45 and headed for the parkway stopping at the rt33/rt35 McDonalds for a coffee via the drive through.
unfortunately by the time i got home the coffee had really taken hold and i couldn't sleep the rest of the night.
lucky i am self employed and could sleep in as i didn't get to sleep till 5 am LOL.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 22, 2010 - Diana meets Jennifer for girls day out.

Diana meets Jennifer for girls day out.
i am writting this a day later since it has been abusy week.

today i got to get together with Jenny for girls day out.

first off she is a bit taller than her blog photos ( but then again aren't we all *giggle giggle*)

since she was going to Lady Ellens for an afternoon  make -over we agreed to meet there.

the next priority was Lunch so we headed off to Rise and shine coffee shop for a very late afternoon lunch .
since i frequent this coffee shop as diana i am known by the staff so we got great service.

on our way we stopped at Rubana beauty supply on RT 22  watchung nj to meet my friend Sandra who works there. Sandra is a former cosmetologist so she really knows makeup and wigs and such.
aftr lunch is was time for a little shopping so off to the Unique thrift store. jen was like a kid turned loose in a candy shop. she went in looking for a winter coat and came out with 2-3 skirts.

from there since it was getting late in the day it was time for a coffee break at panera breads also on rt 22 watchug  nj.

by the time we finished our coffee and chatting about the days events it was almost 9pm. and although Jen didn't want the day to end she still had more than a 1-1/2 have hour ride back to the philly area.  so i drove her back to Lady Ellens where her car was parked and we said our goodbys and off we road our seperate ways into the twilight.


ps jen said she was really tired but happy the next day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11, 2010 - thoughts of 9/11 in retrospct

thoughts of 9/11 in retrospct
may we NEVER forget  that fatefull morning!

ironically today's weather is almost the same as that morning. a beautiful late summer sept day!

i was disappointed how few local memorial events took place.

and i fear in a few years we will treat it like veterans day! sort of pushed asside in the history books almost as if to say "it never really happened".

i sincerely hope that this NEVER occurs!

may we never forget the sacrifice  that occurred upon that day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 9,2010 - the beach!

the beach!
i am retyping this after hittting the back button and loosing the entire post aggghhh!

once again i decided to play hooky and go to the beach.

since it was warm out i wore my yellow cami and white jeans  skirt with white sandals and white fabric purse.

since i really, really needed a rest room stop, i stopped at the Cheesquake visitors rest stop. this is a major stopping point on  the parkway and covers a large area.
as i came out of the visitors center building a man finishing a phone conversation enters the building and softly says "very pretty, very pretty".

i say or rather surprisedly mumble, "thank you "

as i got back to the car the man in the next car waiting for someone with his window open says "you smell very nice" (in ref to my perfume)

i say "thank you " as i try not to bump his car door with mine. and wave good by to him as i back out of the parking space.

although awkwardly executed comments i don't know if they were comments, pick up lines or undercover officers but now i have a better understanding of what the GG's go though with such complements from total strangers in such large public places!

so it's onto ocean grove NJ.  as some may know this is my favorite nj beach town. it was built at the same time as cape may was being rebuilt after their great fire about 1890. accept until recently O.G. was not so touristy . a real Mayberry like shore town.
it has some wonderful little shops but retains it's own old fashioned newspaper store with sloping wood floors, a hardware store (which about 40 yrs ago i remember having a gas pump out front) and a small grocery store. they also have a wonderful former drugstore-soda fountain now just a restaurant called Nagles apothecary cafe. two blocks north of there is Days garden restaurant which houses both Days ice cream shop and the starving artist restaurant which is open only for breakfast and lunch. here one gets a box of crayons to draw on the paper table cloth (after all it is "the artist" restaurant...)
accross the park from Days again one block north is the Great Auditorium which seats about 6000 people. on saturday nights in season one can hear such greats as tony Bennett and way in the past even John Phillip Sousa have preformed in this building that is sort of like a upside down boat like structure.
on sundays great religious speakers from all over have spoken here including in the past Norman Vincent Piel.
it takes about 80 volunteer ushers to cover the building and balcony all in white pants and blue jackets.
with a 60 member choir and a pipe organ larger than radio city in NY it is quite and experience to attend event here.
surrounding this building are the remaining tent/buildings with attached cabins for bath and kitchen. they are up from may 15th to sept. 15 closing before hurricane season.
they represent the reminiscent of the camp meeting movement when one would come pitch a tent in the 1890's to hear the great Methodist speakers of the day.

when i arrived at the beach i changed into my 2 piece floral and dark blue bathing suit.
with a black lace beach cover up.

i don't feel i have the figure for a 2 piece bathing suit and that is why i usually wear a one piece maillot.
and although the water felt cool at first... once i was in it was comfortable.
one never knows at this time of year as many times after 3pm one will need a canvass wind barrier to remain on the beach.
the water was surprisingly calm with the tide going out

so i quickly went and rinsed off so that i could dry off in the last bit of time before the sun set. the sun has started setting earlier and by 7pm it was dark.
i had eaten a chicken sandwich earlier.
so now i went off to change and due to the  chill in the air i couldn't use the cami so i decided to wear instead a lace trimmed pink tank top with the white jeans skirt and a gray hoodie instead.

as i am sitting in the car phoning an old family friend the cousen of another old family friend wanders by the car, looks up but he doesn't approach. it doesn't matter as his cousin (whom my famialy used ot stay with ) has already been told about my being non transitioning transgendered. another long time family friend sort of blundered into telling her. oh well...

the old family friend i am phoning is home it turns out so it is a quick super- girl change into dave.  and a short visit up the coast with my parents friend now in a senior housing apt.she knows of diana and has seen photos but i felt arriving as dave was the better choice.
upon leaving it's back via "the phone" booth to change to diana again and off to clancys' sports bar for dinner.
this place has great sandwiches and although i don't care for potato soup i am told they have the best potato soup. clancy's is on main st also known as rt 71 in neptune township across from the gates of ocean grove.
ironically it also intersects O.G.'s Main AVE!
a bit confusing for a blond like me LOL

next it is off to Georgie's glbt cheers like bar for keroeoky night.
although i have been here in the past and heard that thee were other T girls here i have never meet any as they tend to come in on weekends. so imagine my pleasant surprise to see  a small group of 3 come in.

so i went over to introduce myself.  they invited me to join them. and when they got up to sing they invited me again to come up on stage with them. so i did.  they called themselves charlies angels.  Elizabeth (on my right), Holly (on my left) and Stephanie (my far right)
it turned out that the chestnut haired Elizabeth is from my area about 50 miles north west of asbury park.

both Holly (reddish hair) and Stephanie were both from the shore area a few towns away.
i had a blast!
by that time it was 12:30 and i had a one hours drive by myself on the parkway. so i said my goodbyes and with a stop at mcdonalds (on the corner of rt 33 and rt 35) for coffee i headed home.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010 - Back to the Pool!

Back to the Pool!
once again i decided to return to the pool in the neighboring town in fem as diana. i had done my 2 mile walk (as my other self) in the morning but, since it has still been very warm  i was ready to return to the pool  in the late afternoon.
as i promised in my last blog entry i managed to get a person at the pool to take my photo, so yes this photo was taken earlier this afternoon.

since i got there late in the day about a half hour before closing once again i drove over the the other pool at the other end of town since they are open an hour later this year till 7 pm. both pools are identical in size.

this time at both pools i did seem to get "the look" (i know what you are!) from some of the kids at the pool. but it could be due to the fact that i am blond and Caucasian which is not the majority in that town. so i kind of stand out as ether self. but what the heck the pool and surrounding parks are maintained with federal and state green acres funding so it is maintained with my federal and state tax dollars so i have just as much right to use it as anyone else so i might as well make use of it! especially since i only live a couple of blocks from the first pool. i will admit the adults i chatted with were much more accepting. so once again perhaps i am just being a bit over sensitive. ether way it rally doesn't matter to me.

when i arrived home i took advantage of still being in the one piece maillot and hopped into my own pool to skim the leaves that had sunk to the bottom. this is what i call my sack with water as one fills the top ring with air and fills it with water. as long as there is air in the top ring of the pool the water stays in .
mine is 3' high and 12' accross. hence why i go to a larger public pool to swim but, of course the real reason is that i can go as diana! which due to the hair issue defeats the purpose of actually swimming LOL!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 - Diana goes to the local pool!

Diana goes to the local pool!
i am sooooo psyched! today i decided i was going to go to the local pool in the next town.

you'll have to imagine this photo with the longer hair (but a slightly worn out wig  to protect the newest one from the cloreen) as this is an older photo.
but non the less this is the mallot one piece bathing suit i wore.
along with my pink flip flops and black mess beach cover up.

(if i get to go again but with a female neighbor who knows diana just maybe i can get a recent photo.)

also you must realize that i live in the next town from a small but sort of inner city. with a large population of African Americans as well as a growing population of Latin Americans . but this pool and 2 others in that town are very well maintained and totally free to use and one doesn't need to be a town or even county resident.
but having gone by myself met hat i couldn't ask anyone to take my photo in the pool.

now you must understand that originally the hardest problem when i first started going out in public as diana was in getting the nerve to get out of the car. and that was just to go in a store to go shopping . now that is second nature for me and for the most part doesn't bother me .  there are still stores some stores and places that know my other self to well, as well as the chance of  bumping into the few who may not know of me as diana yet so i try to avoid or at least try to go in buy what i need and get out quickly, but for the most part i feel comfortable going in most places as diana and being accepted as a female.
but..... to go to a local pool as diana no that is a totally different story.
i have wanted to do this for quite some time but there were allways drawbacks. such as rinsing off the cloreen  if the pool is to far to get home quickly and do so.
so unless they have a uni restroom what was i to do?
then there was the sign at the pool in my county no hats allowed. himmmm does that include wigs ? what if someone says something.... and the list goes on and on of what if's....
the pool in the next county doesn't have an outside rinse point and again there was no uni gender restroom or shower. agghhhh
himmmm  what's a girl to do.
well this seems to have answered that question as they have an outside stand shower. yeaaaa!
so i parked on the street at the pool closest to me on the east end of the town and walked through the gate. removed my black mess cover up and flip flops and went down the steps into the pool. mind you i only went in to to my neck because i didn't want my "hair" floating away LOL but it worked out great! since that pool closed at 6pm i had 20 min there and then moved on to the pool at the west end of town since that one was open till 7pm and repeated my entrance using the stand shower when i left the pool.
an the way home i added a tennis shirt and came in the back door.
and then got really bold and went out to my pool (3' deep) to skim the few leaves out.
upon leaving the pool rinces off outside and returned to the celler to remove my suit and headed to the reg shower for the end of the day!
i had a great time even chatting with others in the public pools!
all i nalll a great day!
hugs Diana

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 - feeling old and ugly

feeling old and ugly
today was a land mark in that it represents the most days in a month i have manged to go out in public as diana in one month! (23) yeaaaa! as one may remember my goal has been between 1/2 to 3/4 of the time as diana meaning 15-19 days per month.

most days i feel very fem and manage to blend in but today....

i got to the food store (stop and shop) and everyhing sort of went down hill first the lady on the deli was off and the other guys were not cooperative.  in fact the one kept saying " this guy " ,meaning me the customer, wants a  un flavored (called natural or traditional) oven roaster. then when i asked for coldcuts i was told that they were "trying" to clean up. true it was 20 min  before the deli closed (store closes 2 hours later though) but i had CALLED before i came  (which i usually do this in my best diana voice and the lady always says hello girlfriend diana) and got the same treatment "hay so and so it's "THAT GUY" calling that always wants a chicken on tue.
(do i really look or sound like a "GUY" when i am out as diana?) 

it turns out that they didn't get enough to sell me a plain oven roaster  only the usual extra's of the  flavored one's like bourbon or honey. usually they don't sell and get thrown out!
ok so tomorrows' (tue) dinner menu is now changed.

next i check out the banana's which looked like they had been brused by dropping or rather throwing them off a truck.

what is it with suppiers these days? don't they have ANY pride in their product or do they all feel they can get away with dumping poor quality left overs and overruns on the large chains and school accounts figuring that no one will complain since they have to pay the bill anyway!
it has gotten sooo bad the at the  local a & P that the produce manage has taken to e mailing a photo of the newly delivered rotted bananas to the supplier EVERY DAY! and the supplier still doesn't seem to care still sending the junk. it is almost as if the supplier is smugly proud of the fact that they can get away with shipping junk and getting paid for it!

onto the lettuce. the first head i picked out  i handed to the produce guy as it was mushy rotted!  good grief!  and soooo it went!

by this time i was ready to walk out and leave my partially full cart behind but that would not give me milk for my cereal in the morning!

non the less i persevered anyway feeling OLD AND UGLY!
just another GUY in a SKIRT!

now mind you i had a pretty yellow T shirt and a knee lenght white jeans skirt with brown sandals. and my hair was fixed in the same manor as when i have received complements on it from total strangers. yet i wasn't in the proper mind set. so i sort of felt guy-ish. you know one of those days when you can't pull it all together. i am told from gg friends that gg's have these days from time to time. even the really good looking ones.
but that is of little comfort when it's happening  to one's self.

i really do have much to be grateful for :
i live i a for the most part  an accepting part of the country let alone a tolerant part of the world.
so far i have had enough food in my stomach and a roof over my head.
yet when i get a bit overtired .... i kind of take on a poor me routeen. such as the afore mentioned situation or winning that business has slowed down with work  for me and many others in my area, ect.
sooo i guess one out of 23 days is not a bad average for this month!
esspecialy after Saturdays' event and blog entry!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 - the Daisy Dukes party day!

the Daisy Dukes party day!
well the day has finally arrived for the Daisy Dukes party at lady ellens! yeaaa!

i was sooooo excited yet as usual when i look forward to such an event i couldn't seem to get out the door! the party was supposed to go from 12pm to 5pm.
although the weather was sunny it was exceedingly humid and about 95 outside!
but perfect weather for the a - for mentioned outfit of the gold lay-may bikini, the white ruffled see through halter top and the white jeans skirt!

when i arrived at about 3pm or after most of the girls where outside in the shade in the back yard. Ellen had suggested we could bring our unwanted extra clothing  and accessories to trade and swap. the only thing i had to bring was some jewelery as i had recently donated some stuff to the thrift store. agghhh

shortly after arriving i removed my white halter and skirt to show off my gold bikini. so that i could contribute to the "bling" of the daisy duke look. since i'm not sure how well this bikini would hold up in the pool or ocean i figured that this would be one of the few times i'd get to show this bikini off. :-)
Elen had set out a stand type sprinkler  which puts out a fine mist. and along with some fans  (yes fans outdoors LOL)  and an occasional hot breeze under the shade trees the bikini was the perfect thing to be wearing. in fact i hated to shange back into a to a strapless bra and reg panties along with the skirt and the halter since i had figured out that the halter wasn't the cotton it looked but rather  get this... RAYON! in 95 degree heat! but it looked soooo cute even if the elastic did cut a bit under my arms! i had brought a cotton white cami just in case and initially had changed into that but before i left after going into the air conditioned house i switched back as i needed to stop at wendys for a snack on the way home (now 9pm!) and of course i really wanted to show off the ruffled see - through halter *giggle giggle*  the woman manager came out to chat and see the outfit.
she said" ooooooh where did you buy it and how much? i want one!!!
i said "at the barefoot store" for $10.00. but remember it isn't cotton.
she said" doesn't mater the price is right as i try not to pay more than $10.00 for a shirt. ( himmm and i thought i was the only thrifty shopper *giggle giggle*)

when i got home i had "glistened" (woman don't perspire they "glisten") soooo much at the party that after wolfing down some of the wendy's snack ( i was so busy socializing i had forgotten to eat at the party and it had been quite awhile since breakfast. but with the heat i really wasn't interested in eating) i decided to jump into my little pool. i was now exceedingly humid even for new jersey so much so you could cut the air with a knife. i no sooner jumped in and the thunder started. after splish - splashing a bit back and forth and seeing a distant bit of lightening it was time to call it a night.

in thinking back to the party i had once again met some verrry interesting new people at the party . both the transgendered as well as some GG's (which was a pleasent surprise) some of whom had traveled quite a distance to get there.
all in all in spite of the heat it was a very nice event! and at least it wasn't raining ( although we need rain soooo bad these days) and unlike winter one didn't need to shovel there way out the front door to get to the event LOL! and with that cool thought of a snow shovel....  i'll call it a night!


Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23. 2010 - shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party

shopping for shorts for the daisy duke party
well today is the final day when i can shop for ultra short shorts for the daisy duke party at lady ellens party on sat.

after shopping in the juniors dept at numerious stores and ending up again at the kohls store , i found that most ultra short shorts are fine down on my legs but are to short for my hips. aggghhhh anyway i decided to wear my new gold la-may bikini with the new white ruffled halter top with my white jeans skirt.

meanwhile back at kohls i had decided to by a pink satin chemise (satin-polyester) and  started to chat with one of the store clerks.

she says " honey, i guess you haven't gone through menopause yet because i can't wear polyester to sleep in anymore it must be pure cotton these days"

i answered "no i haven't gone through menopause yet" (*te he* if she only knew!)

she said " you'll see when you go through it you won't want the satin - polyester eather".
himmmm i wonder if she is correct. himmmm we'll see.... *te he* but then again i am only 52 so it maybe awhile!....


Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18,2010 - shopping for halter tops

shopping for halter tops
today i had a great time i went to the store called barefoot which is really a shoe store but is allso has really cute almost clubby like clothes very reasonable.
i had gone in to buy a gold somewhat gaudy bikini i had seen the other day when i was there. the interesting thing is that the top halves where cut bigger so a small sufficed and yet the boy short bottoms were all cut small so i needed an XL! strange since i wear a med or 5-6 on panties and wear  a 38b on the top! they were a bargan at 7.00 ea half!

but the best part is that the sales girl was having way to much fun with going and finding me dresses to try on.

i had started out the other day looking for cotton halters without the metal rings to burn one in the sun and came accross the gold bikini. i have wanted one for awhile and although i probably won't wear it to the beach ( i'll stick with my mallot or fuller 2 piece thank you ) i needed something to wear to lady ellens daisy dukes party. himmm i still have time to find a white cotton halter and some ultra short stretchy jeans shorts.....

meanwhile the sales girl kept having me try on cute dresses. a cute black short sheared gathered dress with a peek a boo neck which i might give some thought to going back for (24.00!) but after trying on the second lay top back sort dress i looked at my arms and realized the die had rubbed off on me! egads lucky i had removed my white cami or it would have been ruined! a 26 year old it turned out was trying on the same as the first dress which made me try it on but alas typically of a 26 yr old everything she tried on look great!
before i left i not only thanked the manager but tipped the sales girl for her kindness.

maybe it is me but has anyone else  noticed that as the economy gets worse the store clerks now seem to go out of their way to be helpfull?

meanwhile we continue to melt in the heatwave in nj in the high 90's. so i guess i'll stick with my camis and short skirts and my bass sandals.
i have set up my little sack with water type pool but even with that it has been to hot to be in it.and my little dogwood tree out front is looking burned. i have watered each night for several hours and it perks up by morning but by evening it looks burned again.
stay cool everyone
hugs Diana

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7. 2010 - egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey

egads i'm melting or rather it's july in New Jersey!
egads i 'm melting . we are having the hotest july in record in new jersey.
today it was 108 degrees under the awning in the sun in the back of my house!
now mind you i have growen up in new jersey summers  but this is 10-20 degrees high even for new jersey!

unfortunatly i couldn't stay in the AC as my dad needed to be driven to the dentist and the oral surgion after breaking a tooth and bridge on sat when everyone was closed for the holiday. but even of i had had the time to be diana today  i decided it was just to hot to be in makeup and wig even if i wore a cami and usuall white jeans skirt it was just to hot today. but i did get to go out yesterday in the late afternoon to the foodstore and to get some lunch (a salad at wendys).
also i went to dots store to look for a halter top .  i tried on several dresses but non really worked for me but the sales clerk said that she always wears shorts under the shorter dresses becauses "one never knows what the guys are up to" LOL i don't think she had a clue that i am transgendered. LOL

we are supposed to have some continued hot days till at least thursday but a bit cooler LOL 90 degrees LOL

so for those out in the heat find a cool place and drink lots of clear water like fluids.
hugs diana

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

june 30, 2010 - a milestone as diana

a milestone as diana
well today marks the 6 month point in which i have met my goal this year of haveing been able to get out "dressed pretty" on an average of  20 times per month. yeaaaaa!
see i told my male self i'd slowly take over his body * giggle giggle* this is not including the fact that i usually sleep pretty. minis the fancy hair though.

i don't usually get chance to note each event in my blog though but i do keep a hand written log though.

today i also had an interesting conversation with a gg in a department store.

since we kept bumping into each other through out the store in the womans clothes sections...

i said teasingly "i'm really not following you"

she says - get this " well i'm off to the mens clothing section so i doupt i'll bump into you again" LOL little did she know * giggle giggle" and believe me she was a cute blond GG that as my male self i would have liked to keep bumping into. LOL

so i nodded, smiled and said " i think you're right"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 - wow the new yahoo blog look!

wow is it just me or did anyone else notice that yahoo has finally once again modified their blog site.
at least it's an improved look!
and now my photos appear properly so it is def. an improvement over the basic yahoo of the last 6 months.
let us hope it is more stable than the basic yahoo of the last 6 months!

now a bit more about me these days.
this year i have set a goal for my self to try to be diana 1/2 to 3/4 time. that means about 15 to 20 days per month. so far i have met that goal. in fact i have come out to more and more people. it seems the more i come out the easier it gets to come out! now remember i am not planning upon transiting. but the interesting thing is that for the most part people have been very accepting. most just say "so what you are still the same person within".
also you must remember that i am self employed,  schedule customers by appointment and that i am single. realistically i could easaly go out as diana at least 10-15 days per month but i must admit striving for 20 -23 days per month is even a challenge for me since my dad and i reside together. now mind you i love my father dearly but  he is "don't ask don't tell".  usually i ended upp as diana just for regular errends like the grocery store, lunch out and general shoppng. occasionally i get out to special events such as the dignity church servace, lady ellens group or some other GLBT event. at some year in the future i'll probably cut back to 1015 days per year. but until this point the more i dressed the more i wanted to dress. sort of like chocolete LOL.

as far as the people who have been acccepting  of diana , i am not sure if this comes from living so close to new york city (about 35 miles away) or what.  or weather the world in general is becoming more accepting.
what do you think"?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20,2010 - interesting conversation in the local jewelery st

interesting conversation in the local jewelery store
interestingly enough i have been searching for pink safire dangley hart shaped earrings. but the catch is i want them with a post connecting them to the hart not a fish hook.

soooo i stopped in a somewhat new local chain jewelery store.
i ended up chatting with the manager.

he says "may i help you mam"?

i say " yes i am looking for hart shaped safire dangley post type earrings.

unfortunately they didn't have them  but it turns out his wife and he had just moved here to open up this new branch. so now we end up in in entire conversation about the area. he was from down south

so he asks " may i ask if you are from NJ?"

and i say "not a problem. yes i was born and raised several blocks from the store"

he says " wow what a pleasant surprise to find a well spoken local that is personable and polite" LOL

i said " well i believe most of the native new jerseyians are really quite friendly , speak well, and are polite... unfortunately since we are soooo close to the big city that we get many transplants who are still on the fast pace mode which makes them appear rude LOL"

 he said "you must be a professional probably a teacher"  and all i did was  *blush* and said "yes i formally taught"
in the mean while i shared a verbal travel log about some of the nicest sites and lesser known spots to check out including my beloved ocean grove.

he said " thank you for the info and nice conversation and please feel free to stop by any time"!

although i still don't think he knew that i am a transgendered person it goes to show that if one tries to blend into the world around them.... they will be welcome just about anywhere.

the rest of the afternoon was uneventful. i went back to rubyana beauty supply to catch up with my friend the stylist to trim the new wig (same as current style) i had bought there the previous week when she was off.
 while she adjusted the fit of the wig we got caught up on the news . she makes me feel as if i am going to a regular beauty salon *giggle giggle* * blush*

finally i stopped at walmart to show off the sweater i was wearing to one of the workers who had told me it was on the clearance rack for $5.00. wooo hoooo what a bargan! unfortunately she was off. oh well it was time to find a phone booth (not many around these days in the north east LOL) to change from "superwoman" back into my mild mannered other self and head home for dinner. LOL


Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10,2010 - an interesting conversation at a dinner

an interesting conversation at a dinner
in as much as i hate to move onto another entry after the previous one ...

i had an interesting conversation with the neighboring table in a restaurant i went to  after attending the dignity church service today(of course as diana)

the woman had 2 young children with her who were amusing themselves with modern digital toys.

i turned to the woman and said " quite a difference from the toys we played with"

at first i couldn't get her attention and since i was feeling self conscious since i couldn't wear any eye makeup due to the pollen irritation, i guessed she had "read" me and and was avoiding the "transgendered person " at the adjoining table. on the other hand since she was a mature mom i thought maybe she didn't hear me. so when an opportunity came, i tried again with the same comment.

interestingly enough she heard me and replied " yes that is true although i hadn't given it much though till you mentioned it."

then we ended up discussing how we as children would always be out of doors in good weather playing kick ball and other games involving running about or exploring the back yards. or we had indoor neighborhood board games for bad weather. and how in spite of not having more than one land line phone and no cell phone invented yet our mothers always seemed or know where we were or had been via the "mom neighborhood network" LOL

then she shared with me why she had moved to that town .... get this due to the fact that that community had a large gay community just like where she had originally been in new york in the village!
well you could have knocked me over with a feather and although i had finished my meal and was getting ready to leave i sat back down closer to her and said
 " of course you might have figured it out  i am transgendered but not transitioning".
she didn't even bat an eye. and we continued to discuss the glbt and i told her about the local dignity group and some of the up coming events in come of the other local groups. we had a delightful discussion and even exchanged bus/calling cards.

so one can see how different the world may perceive us vs how we perceive ourselves.

if one is trying to blend in one probably does a lot better than one thinks.

the rest of the day was uneventful i stopped to pick up the sunday paper and then onto walgreens for stockings (out of stock grrrr,)  next the food store to get a few provisions and finally to the dinner to say hello to my neighbor the waitress ( and show her my sunday outfit *giggle giggle)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 4, 2010 - nail art

nail art
just thought i'd share my nail art with everyone.

my nail art

i went to the beauty supply 2 weeks ago and bought the nail art paint and the brush set which includes a steel ball end. the brush set has 5 diff brush styles including a longer finer striping brush and a angled brush.
i also bought the brush cleaner.
well from having been involved with the restoration of cars and having found out the hard way that extra lacquer paint can't be put into a plastic specimen jar (it the lacquer base paint sort of melted the plastic jar LOL) you'd think i'd know better than to put the brush cleaner into a plastic cup. well you guessed it it melted the cup agggghh on top of my desk in my bedroom agghhhhhh
anyway so far i hae come upon the conclusion that nail polish remover is basicly the same stuff and at least i know what that stuff is.
so i went to the craft store and bought a small glass candle base (sort of looks like a shot glass) which i pour a few drops of nail polish remover in  to clean the brushes with.

so the nail art is on top of a clear base coat 2 coats of light pink and a coat of clear. next comes the nail art and finally another clear coat.

it is easy to hold the brushes in your dominant hand but a challenge in the opposing hand.

i have found the best way to use the nail art paint is to drop a few drops of the color you are using onto a small note pad and this becomes your palit.

in the photo the flower petals were done using dots of paint from the steel ball end on the butt end of one of the brushes

i used a diff color  for the center of each wildflower and finely the long brush for the green stems of the flowers.


Monday, May 3, 2010

may 3, 2010 - woops bumped into a busness neighbor...

woops bumped into a busness neighbor...
well it happened again.
i have been trying to get to the rubiana beauty supply on a monday for several weeks.

 i was told by one of the workers who usually styles my wigs, that a new person now worked on mondays only and knew all about the newer lace front wigs.

i had seen a gg wearing one of these and they really look as if hair is growing out of your head.
now the bad news they didn't have any with bangs and since i have the high forehead of a leo i needed bangs. aggghhh
ok now it gets worse i explain to the clerk that i am transgendered but  non-transitioning and she says..... well...... i wasn't going to say anything but you must recognize me
i say no
she says " i am your business neighbor who owns the beauty shop near you!" agggghhhh
now you must understand at one time there was a transitioning transgendered person that lived above her shop  who  unfortunately had a rather strange attitude.
i had tried to chat with her at one point to be kind of friendly and she acted like i hadn't said anything giving me the brush off. she has since moved out.
the comment  the beauty shop owner had said at that time was that since she (the beautician) was a christian  she felt that the transgendered tenant  would have to face god  (she obviously didn't approve of her).
but then again we think the tenent trans person was also doing  a few things out in the parking lot that shouldn't be done in public....

but the beautician said to me after i informed her i wasn't gay "that she was not here to judge she was here to sell wigs" and that we will all have to deal with god some day.

by the end of our conversation i think she had softened toward my being transgendered especially since she knew i had taken care of both my mother and aunt. and i was not just "one of those people" i was a neighbor she knew and had formed a re-pore with. even though we don't get that much time to chat.
i did remind her of the parable of Jesus and the scarlet woman in the square where no one was free of their own skeletons  hence no one accept jesus was fit to stone her hence they all left her alone and he sent her on her way.
i also reminded her that being transgendered does not make one mean nor does it make one nice as we are whom we are deep down . being transgendered is just another element of who we  are. as in literally different clothes!

well it turned out well, phew! but having known her philosophy didn't help.

ahhhh just another day in the life of Diana LOL


Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17,12010 - another clothing first

another clothing first
another first for the first time ever as ether self i bought a set of jeans.
sorry no photos this time though!
now you see i never liked the constricting feeling i got from the stiffness of jeans but this pair is diff as it has some lycra in them and they move like leggins but not so skin tight!
with the drizzle and cooler mid 40's temp it was a jeans kind of day!
but in the past i haven't been able to pull the look off in pants.
but i found one needs a girly shirt and some cute jewelery to get in girly mode! *giggle giggle*

i paired them with a gray hoodie but then the delema began. what shirt to wear... himmm not the white "V" neck "T" with the lace, not the white tennis shirt, too cool and rainny for the pink cami, himmmmm what to wear.
well after 30 mins of trial and era i settled for a med blue lace trimmed "V" neck "T" along with white sneakers and no show white socks.  but still a delema it still needed something accessory wise like a belt as the "T" wasn't ling enough to wear over the jeans. well aftdr another 10 mins of thought i gave up and went with out a belt.

first stop to drop off some bakery ruggla pastry from the swiss pastry shop (wonderfull baked goods as the owner is a master pastry chef) to the coffee shop owner for fising me takeout last evening just when he was closing this is a wonderfull shop called rise and shine. about 2 blocks from rt 22 near the plainfield/watchung area.

next on to look twice consignment for a belt. didn't find one.
then to pick up a gift i had ordered for my aunts birthday at the gold star store in plainfield.
the owner is wonderfull. she and her husband sell for a lot lower than the usuall markup of gold. Ie. i bought a set of 14K post earings with made made stones for 12.00 ea one in blue safire and the other day one in a pale pink color.
after several trips there i have since shared that i am trans with the wife and she was very suprised.
this really made my day.

from there i needed to get something to eat so it was off to wendys for a salad, and small burger and some tea.
so in spite of the weather it was a good day and another first!


Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010 - coffee with my boston friend Suzanne

coffee with my boston friend Suzanne
well on a better note than Mondays' confusion i have once again had the privilege of having coffee with my friend Suzanne.

she was back on a project for her company.

she is gorgeous and so easy to chat with. 2 hours went like 5 min chatting with her. she looks more gg than some of the gg's do!
as you may remember in one of my nov. 2009 blog entry when she came for a work visit last fall. i mentioned that we share some of the same interests like sports cars. heck both of our sports cars are red convertibles!
once again we went to Hoolihans restaurant.

meeting suzi for coffee.

she arrived ahead of me and was waiting outside sitting on one of the benches.
later she informed me that a gentleman had said hello and mentined a nice comment to her. (no wonder she is sooooo cute that if i didn't already know her i'd have tried to chat with her!)

sisters at Houlihan's resterant

suzi had worn her new Babe dress. no wonder she fell in love with it and HAD to have it!

once again the waitress was verrrry gracious so once again we tipped generously.

ironically we had both had traffic delays getting there. so even though i had already had dinner i was now starved. so i ended up ordering a mini burger. followed by a brownie sunday. yum yum! (remember all the calories leak out when you cut it in half LOL and chocolete is a good substitute for other colorful vegetables like broccolie LOL   hay stop that laughing i can hear you through the computer LOL i still believe in santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy )
suzanne had a creme-brulay.

as usual the time went waaaaay to fast.

we both had a great time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010 - ear update and more

ear update and more the ears have finally healed! yeeeeaaaa! it is now 10 weehs on st pats day since they were pierced. but no dangly earings for 6 months they said.

sigh so mmuch to share and it is allready into the early hours.

out and about for lunch

had an interesting comment this evening

i had stopped to pick up burgers for dad and i  . a gentleman said

" by chance did you grow up in the next town of ....?"

i said " well in the area"

he said "did you  grow up on 9th st with 3 sisters  ?"

and i said "sorry i grew up in the next town over "

he said "well you could be her or one of her sisters"

* giggle giggle * if he only knew *still giggling*

we fared well with the local flooding during the north easter but many local towns did not.
and on a sad note my beloved town of ocean grove nj lost 4 buildings in a fire duing the north easter storm. it took 200 fire fighters to put out the blaze with baseball size embers in 50mph winds. they are lucky they contained it there as this is a 1890's town with mostly victorian buildings.

hope everyone else fared well during the storm if you are in the north east

on another note i actualy told one other long time neighbor about diana ( also a muscian in the preforming arts field) and the previous neighbor i told i heard he wanded to see diana life so i stopped in yesterday. ironiclly he was watching the cnn special on a transgendered persons story. well he was bowled over . he could get over how passable i was including the voice he said. i know he was being genuine just from the expression on his face.

but the story i mentioned in the beginning really surprised me when a guy didn't guess i wasn't a gg!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 20th 2010 - ear piercing follow up..

ear piercing follow up... ....time to bring ya all' up to date.

2 weeks after getting my ears pierced one ear ended up with an infection! now mind you i followed the clairs instructions to a "T" and used their solution.
now in the ol' days folks used alcohol to clean the piercing until it healed. heck back in the day some of those folks didn't even have sterile equipment!

so back to my ear Dr. who was back logged so i needed to see one of the other partners. this is a verrry large group they have several ear nose throat guys and a one that is the last word on ears. so about 3 days later they squezee me in .

now mind you the first ear dr i had seen several weeks ago sort of looks like a rock and role star but the second one is more clean cut loooking so i expect some comments on the piercing  since i am 52 and they don't know of my fem self.  wellll after i mentioned this to the next dr he turns his head to me and shows me his piercings and tells me the first dr has the same! well you could have knocked me over with a feather if i wasn't sitting down already!

 he agreed with my suggestions of eather achoal, peroxied , basatracian (sp) or bactaban , along with also the cipro drops usually used in the ear.  which is what finally did the job. now mind you i have a good repore with these guys as i am in about 3-4 times a year to get my ears vacuumed due to my exema induced wax build up.

well now it is week 7-8 after the piercing. so i will keep you posted.
i have since talked to another licensed piercer who said sea sal or epson salt works well to but she was the only one who said don't use achoal which all the rest including the dr said to use . amaizing how you can ask 10 diff people their opinion and get 10 diff answers. LOL

meanwhile it is an interesting sensation to not need to remove the earings before entering the house or out in the world in male mode. when in male mode and asked aske why did i get them pierced ? i simply say because i wanted to !

ironiclyly i was loosening the backing over the sink just before i was to go out to a sat evening event and the earing slipped out and into the sink. agggghhhhh. major panic lucky it wasnt ' the infected ear lobe. i quicky grabbed it out of the sink, dropped it in a cup of alcohol and reinserteded it. remember this is the only pierced earings i have currently and needed to keep a post in till it healed to prevent it closing up!

meanwhile i managed to get out shopping "dressed pretty" about 20 times last monnth and this month i needed to buy more dress swweaters to wear with my boots and tights since it has been agout 10 degreees below normal this year. to accent the colorfull sweaters i have bought 2-3 more black skirts one in wool and all knee length.

hopefull spring is on it's way in the not to distant future!

hugs to all