Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov.28, 2010 - thanksgiving thoughts

first i want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving.

i hope everyone had a good day shared with famialy and friends with enough food available along with a roof over their heads.
in spite of the usa finical crisis we still have allot to be thankful for. esspecially ef you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach.

i read an artical yesterday of a religious colomnist who said" don't ask for more stuff untill you give thanks and reflect on what you allready have!"

my dad, my aunt and i (as dave) ended up with last min reservation changes due to the financial crisis at charlie browns restaurant chain. the one we scheduled for in raritan nj near my aunt had closed without calling us to cancel our reservations (and without giving notice to their employees i heard)
lucky our local one in my town remained open and they very graciously moved our reservations for there. so in spite of the confusion and the snow/rain we at least had a very nice dinner. and although  the corperate seceratary  was not very accomadating when i mentioned that there isn't even a recording when one calles the closed locations... the assistant manager shelly went out on a limb for us . wow she even adapted my aunt as here own! by the end of the day i was calling here "cousen shelly" LOL

so the lesson to be learned is... even with the financial crisis please please please treat your costumers as if they were well loved family and personal friends  .


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov.16, 2010 - an interesting question asked by a medical assistant...

i had an interesting question from a medical assistant the other day when i went in (as my male self) for the annual follow up to some blood work.
upon seeing my nails she says "nice nails" and that they were nicer and longer than hers.

i replied "thank you that is for my other self, would you like to know more?"

i said " i am not transitioning - transgendered but don't worry i don't use illegal hormones and i am not gay" and "i am tired of hiding and i decided i won't hide it� anymore".

i offered to show her a photo and although she was impressed she asked as she was leaving the room... "Why do you dress" as if it were a choice.

and i answered " why is someone gay?"

she shrugged her shoulders indicating that she didn't know the answer and i said "exactly".


Monday, November 15, 2010

No. 15, 2010 = my 35th high school reunion

this past weekend on saturday nov. 13th i attended my 35th high school reunion (as my male self dave)

i can't believe it is the 35th reunion since my class has only done reunions by 10 years until this point.

of the almost 600 in the graduation class 160 attended! with about 24 deceased!

the GG gals in the class were worried how they would look in the photos and i said "just be glad you are not on the list (deceased ) out in the entrance to the event!
ironicly one name had to be removed as it was found that that person is still alive!

the party was supposed to end at 11:30 pm but the country club allowed us to remain n the lounge area until that closeed at 2 am the remaining people including yours truly left at 2:15ish am! (now remember i don't drink since i don't like the taste of alcohol so i was just hanging out with my ol' friends) lucky me i still only live accross town about 1-1/2 miles from the event!

i was soooo wired when i got home i could get to sleep . i think i finally dozed off at about 5am

the next morning on sunday some of us were meeting for brunch at the hotel restaurant where some of the people stayed.
now mind you breakfast ended at 11am so i dragged myself out of bed arriving over there at 10:15am
when i mentioned that i only had 4 hours of sleep one of the gals mentioned that she thought she only had about 40 mins of sleep! LOL

the person that got the award for coming the farthest to return to new Jersey now resides in Scotland! and another gal came from mexico! and many others came from all over the usa including calf.and new Hampshire.

after the brunch i went home and took a "nap" for 3 hours!
i know everyone had a good time and hated to go home.