Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24,2008

First i want to say thank you to all my online friends as i just realized i reached the 10,000 view mark.
i never expected this when i first started writting. so again i must say thank you

well i've managed to get out the last 3 days as diana and go shopping.
i don't know about everyone else but when i find an outfit i like i tend to wear it to death.

i promis a photo later whin i get chance to post.

so lately with the crisp fall air here in nj i have been wearing a lined floral on black frilly lined skirt and started back to panty hose (last week it was like summer and i could still go bare legged with sandels) and with the chill i have been wearing colorfull "T" shirts along with a black leather blazer. since the floral is a dusty rose on black i chose a coral shirt on tue. then a pink shirt on wed and a yellow shirt yesterday (thur.) each day has only been about an hour or 2 but i had to get out.
and with fall i have stated doing my nails again in pail pink even as my other self which makes me feel wounderfull ahhhhh. most times i add a touch of "pleasures by esty" perfume both at night and during the day to remind me how pretty i can be even as my other self and again ahhhhhh.

i have continued to wear satin nightgowns with matching panties which feels wonderfull'y feminine to wake up in and once more .... ahhhhhhh.

my shopping trips have included tue to the thrift store called unique with lunch at the so plfd mcdonalds, wed. subway for lunch, and finally thur. to the dress store called Avenue (great for larger size shoes and a very pleasent staff as well) and 5 guys hambergers i watchung.

to me the real joy of being diana is being out in the public blending in with the gg's

hugs to all

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3,2008

i was thinking last night as i went out for my walk how my desirses to dress are becoming more and more frequent and how i would rather be dressed in fem than in male mode most of the time.
it seems as if the more i dress the more comfortable i am in fem mode.

of course i am more fortunate than most i do get to dress and go out shopping and to dinner at least 5 - 9 days a month yeaaa! oh ahhhh pretty dresses and sparkly things giggle giggle

and i know better than to suppress anyof this as it only wells up in me an reocurs with a vengence.

it is sort of like chocolete the more one has the more one wants giggle giggle himmmm.... anyone else experiance these feelings who is a cd and not planning to transition?