Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3,2008

i was thinking last night as i went out for my walk how my desirses to dress are becoming more and more frequent and how i would rather be dressed in fem than in male mode most of the time.
it seems as if the more i dress the more comfortable i am in fem mode.

of course i am more fortunate than most i do get to dress and go out shopping and to dinner at least 5 - 9 days a month yeaaa! oh ahhhh pretty dresses and sparkly things giggle giggle

and i know better than to suppress anyof this as it only wells up in me an reocurs with a vengence.

it is sort of like chocolete the more one has the more one wants giggle giggle himmmm.... anyone else experiance these feelings who is a cd and not planning to transition?

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