Thursday, August 20, 2009

aug 20th my birthday!

aug. 20th today is my birthday!

today is my birthday! yeaaaaa! :-)

at my request my aunt and my dad took me (as my other self) to a fun place cheeburger cheeburger. they have great home made onion rings and fresh cut potatos for french fries and many diff varieties of milk shakes. they even took my picture when they brought out the ice cream cake we brought!

yesterday i treated myself and took off and went to ocean grove for the day. this was the first time this summer since we have had cool and sometimes rainy weather in july.
it was a perfect day! even the ocean was warm and calm with the tide out around noon.
all in all a very nice day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

aug 15th or why can't we pass in fem 100% of the time?

aug 15, 2009 or why can't we pass in fem 100% of the time? why is it there are those days you can "pull it off" in passing in fem, those days you can't and then like yesterday, there are those "in between days" when you can pass for the majority of the folks out there accept one or two.

i wore my white capri's , a pink cami, white sandals and white purse.
summer pink cami and capri's

i went to subway for a sandwich, next home depo for some small hardware supplies ( i needed to replenish my supply of repair plates after fixing my comericial property fence which protects my privicy from their parking lot next door and a ele timer for my pool filter) and from there i went to walmart , which is the same mall as home depo to get a replacement skimmer for the pool. as i walked down the seasional isle with my best "girly gestures and walk i see a couple of hispanic woman give me "the look" .... you know "the smug look" ... which says i know what you are! but you see if i don't know the person i can just smile and ignore it which is what i did. but i had to wonder just what gives it away when know one else seems to notice?

the other interesting thing that happened is accross the womans clothing section (of course i had to check out any new fasions while i was here) i saw a gourgous short blond gg about my age in her 50's. she was absolutly stunning! and here is where the confussion of the 2 selves kicks in. the guy side of me wanted to go start up a conversation and get to know her and of course see if she was single (this is how i know i don't want to transition *giggle giggle* but, of course that was out of the question since i was in fem. aggghhh and the same moment the fem side of me stood and looked at her from afar so that i could learn from her in terms of clothing , and movements so i could be just like her. or rather wanting to actually be her. ahhhhhh so you see the confussion i am talking about.

i know other transgendered folks such as my friend kim have talked about just that confussed , mixed emotion upon seeing a gourgous gg.

at eather rate it was late 10pm and i needed to go home to a very late dinner.

this was the 6th chance i got this month to go out in fem. my goal has been 8-10 days bper month this year or 1/3 of the time dressed since am single and sleep in femine satin chemeses.

by the way the satin sheets have worked out just great. i originally thought i 'd slide right out of bed but one doesn't, accept the pillows keep trying to get away LOL.

hugs to all

Thursday, August 6, 2009

aug 6 2009, pool distroyed by racoon & good fish pond upset too but we caught him!

ets see how my day started today
i awoke to find that a raccoon had decided to see what  the inside of my little pool looked like... upon doing so  he left 2 sets of claw marks on the top edge of the pool, which on my little quick set type pool is where the upper air ring of the pool is. when the ring is deflated all the water runs out of the pool! :-(  gerrrrr , needless to say i was not to happy to find this mess to deal with this morning!

and of course he didn't stop there he decided to wander down to my gold fish pond to create some more havoc there (even with the chicken wire and boards over it). now you have to understand there are easier yards to wander through since i have a 4 foot chain link fence all around mine. but the gold fish pond would be his undoing since i had a trap set with the one think he couldn't resist .... sardines. needless to say i caught him and animal control came and took him away! this is the 3rd one i have caught this summer terrorizing my good fish.  at the beginning of the season the first one actually ate one and a half gold fish and left the rest out on the ground along with a artificial water lilly  next to them! now you may say "poor racoon he has rights too"  well so do my gold fish . they have a right to live too!

in inspecting the damage to my little 3 foot pool i realized it wouldn't be feasible to repair the air chamber portion of the pool . besides i have had it about 5 years having bought it on sale at the a&p food store .  so next i called around to replace it and found Lesley pools had a slightly larger diameter but still 3 foot one in stock. this cost about 140.00 but came with a larger filter than the first one (which i had replaced with a larger used one some one gave me last year) so that will be this weekends project to reassemble my little pool.