Wednesday, June 30, 2010

june 30, 2010 - a milestone as diana

a milestone as diana
well today marks the 6 month point in which i have met my goal this year of haveing been able to get out "dressed pretty" on an average of  20 times per month. yeaaaaa!
see i told my male self i'd slowly take over his body * giggle giggle* this is not including the fact that i usually sleep pretty. minis the fancy hair though.

i don't usually get chance to note each event in my blog though but i do keep a hand written log though.

today i also had an interesting conversation with a gg in a department store.

since we kept bumping into each other through out the store in the womans clothes sections...

i said teasingly "i'm really not following you"

she says - get this " well i'm off to the mens clothing section so i doupt i'll bump into you again" LOL little did she know * giggle giggle" and believe me she was a cute blond GG that as my male self i would have liked to keep bumping into. LOL

so i nodded, smiled and said " i think you're right"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 - wow the new yahoo blog look!

wow is it just me or did anyone else notice that yahoo has finally once again modified their blog site.
at least it's an improved look!
and now my photos appear properly so it is def. an improvement over the basic yahoo of the last 6 months.
let us hope it is more stable than the basic yahoo of the last 6 months!

now a bit more about me these days.
this year i have set a goal for my self to try to be diana 1/2 to 3/4 time. that means about 15 to 20 days per month. so far i have met that goal. in fact i have come out to more and more people. it seems the more i come out the easier it gets to come out! now remember i am not planning upon transiting. but the interesting thing is that for the most part people have been very accepting. most just say "so what you are still the same person within".
also you must remember that i am self employed,  schedule customers by appointment and that i am single. realistically i could easaly go out as diana at least 10-15 days per month but i must admit striving for 20 -23 days per month is even a challenge for me since my dad and i reside together. now mind you i love my father dearly but  he is "don't ask don't tell".  usually i ended upp as diana just for regular errends like the grocery store, lunch out and general shoppng. occasionally i get out to special events such as the dignity church servace, lady ellens group or some other GLBT event. at some year in the future i'll probably cut back to 1015 days per year. but until this point the more i dressed the more i wanted to dress. sort of like chocolete LOL.

as far as the people who have been acccepting  of diana , i am not sure if this comes from living so close to new york city (about 35 miles away) or what.  or weather the world in general is becoming more accepting.
what do you think"?